Two of the first M6-C™ Artificial Cervical Disc Implantations Performed in the U.S. Take Place at Hudson Regional Hospital

SECAUCUS, NJ, November 18, 2019—Surgeons have performed only a few M6-C™ artificial cervical disc implantation surgeries in The United States since it was approved by the FDA in January 2019, with New Jersey’s first one performed at Hudson Regional Hospital by Dr. Jonathan Lewin on Sept. 10th and the second one by Dr. Fabien Bitan at the facility on Mon., Oct. 7th.

 M6-C™ is the most advanced option for disc replacement available, mimicking the spine’s natural anatomical structure and movement, with six degrees of freedom: right, left, forward and back, as well as rotationally.  It also enables compression or ‘shock absorption,’ putting less stress on the adjacent discs and vertebral structures, which is anticipated to delay or obviate the need for future additional surgery at other discal levels.

Artificial cervical disc replacement surgery options have gained favor among spinal surgeons in the past 10 years as an alternative to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) spinal fusion which can’t restore, and often restricts mobility for patients who are not experiencing degeneration. 

“Hudson Regional Hospital has distinguished itself with its commitment to the most advanced and recent technology available for spinal surgery patients with robotic platforms for spine and soft tissue,” said Dr. Jonathan Lewin.  “It’s administrative and operating room staff—scrub nurses, technicians, fluoroscopic technicians—are ready to assist in high caliber, advanced platforms that require a new level of precision.” 

“The M6-C™ is the next-generation option to patients with cervical disc pathologies who are candidates for artificial disc replacement,” said Dr. Fabien Bitan.  “Hudson Regional Hospital is offering a game-changer for those with chronic back pain and immobility due to cervical disc degeneration that is providing better outcomes than spinal fusion by preserving the spine’s pre-injury mobility level where a fusion would restrict it.”

“We’re honored that prestigious practitioners like Doctors Lewin and Bitan have chosen Hudson Regional Hospital as the location for their groundbreaking work,” Dr. Nizar Kifaieh, MD MBA, CPE, FACEP, President and CEO of Hudson Regional Hospital.  “We’ve made extensive investments to attract the best surgeons, provide pioneering technologies, and ensure the best outcomes for our patients.”

Dr. Fabien Bitan is Chief of Spine Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and Dr. Jonathan Lewin is Chief of Spine Surgery at Hudson Regional Hospital with affiliations at several prestigious institutions in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania including Englewood Hospital.

Hudson Regional Hospital’s first M6-C was performed on a 32-year-old man with C6-7 herniated discs causing pain in his neck and arms.  He was able to leave the hospital the following day and is reported to be feeling well without currently needing opioids for pain management. 

To date there have been 45,000 M6-C artificial cervical disc implants outside of the U.S.  Studies have indicated that at 24 months, the rate of M6-C patients who were still taking some type of pain medication dropped to 14 percent compare to 38.2 percent of the ACDF patients, and of these, there was a seven times higher rate of opioid use with the ACDF patients than with those who received the M6-C disc procedure.

For more information about Hudson Regional Hospital visit or call (201) 392-3100.

About Hudson Regional Hospital

Hudson Regional Hospital is a community hospital located in Secaucus, NJ. Their mission is to build a healthier community by providing exceptional care for all residents in the Tri-State Area through a significant investment in new technology including the Institute of Robotic Surgery featuring the Da Vinci XI Robotic System, ExcelsiusGPS and the Mazor Robotic Guidance System and access to more physician groups including some of the best physicians in the NYC-metro area.

Hudson Regional Hospital’s ER team provides around-the-clock comprehensive emergency care services that include short wait times, EMS/Ambulance On-Site 24/7, a fully equipped EMS Lounge, 24/7 Access to Specialty Physicians and a multi-lingual staff.

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Chris J. Stewart

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