LimaCorporate Announces the Successful Completion of the First Total Shoulder Replacement Using the Smart Space Shoulder Planner Software

SAN DANIELE DEL FRIULI, Italy, Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LimaCorporate has already announced its intention to enter the digital space and drive the development of a digital platform to provide surgeons with innovative solutions which would help them deliver improved outcomes with a sustainable economic model through the milestone-based acquisition of TechMah Medical. TechMah Medical was founded by Dr. Mohamed Mahfouz, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tennessee, in 2014.

Smart SPACE is LimaCorporate’s digital platform featuring novel orthopedic technology and a rich pipeline of landscape-changing applications. The Smart SPACE Shoulder application has been developed in conjunction with a group of key surgeons including Christopher Bayne, MD (Sacramento, CA), Wayne Burkhead, MD (Dallas, TX), Anil Dutta, (San Antonio, TX), Patrick Noud, MD (Lansing, MI), Prof. Giuseppe Porcellini (Italy), Shelden Martin, MD (Phoenix, AZ), Kevin Setter, MD (Syracuse, NY) and Michael Wiater, MD (Beverly Hills, MI).

Currently in a limited market release, the Smart SPACE Shoulder Planner is the first digital solution to be released by LimaCorporate. The full commercial release of the application is planned to start later this year.

The software uses a 3D patient-specific model derived from a CT-scan which allows surgeons to effectively and efficiently plan Total Shoulder Arthroplasties. The application is compatible with LimaCorporate’s complete implant shoulder portfolio and can be used to plan a wide range of primary total shoulder arthroplasty indications. The system is based on a proprietary machine learning algorithm which draws from an extensive database of morphological data points to design surgical plans and 3D Positioner guides. Future releases on the platform will include intra-operative surgical guidance systems that aim to simplify shoulder arthroplasty and personalize patient care. 

The first surgical procedure planned with the Smart SPACE Shoulder Planner application was performed by Dr. Anil Dutta at the Foundation Surgical Hospital in San Antonio, TX. Following the successful completion of the procedure Dr. Dutta stated that, “We have just completed our first case using the Smart SPACE Planning system and take tremendous pride in what the Smart Space Team has accomplished. The Smart SPACE System allowed the surgical team to predict important parameters such as glenoid version correction, glenoid coverage and the correct implant size. Our post-operative radiographs confirmed the correction predicted by the 3-dimensional analysis perfectly, in my opinion. I believe the potential for realizing a practical but comprehensive digital planning system with universal applicability is truly inspiring.”

Luigi Ferrari, LimaCorporate CEO, added that, “The successful completion of a surgical procedure planned with the Smart SPACE Shoulder application is a key milestone in the history of LimaCorporate. This marks the first step of our digital transformation journey which is ultimately focused on delivering solutions with greater clinical and economic value to all our business partners.”

About LimaCorporate

LimaCorporate is a global medical device company providing reconstructive orthopedic solutions to surgeons who face the challenges of improving the quality of life of their patients. Based in Italy, LimaCorporate is committed to the development of innovative products and procedures to enable surgeons to select the ideal solution for every individual patient. LimaCorporate’s product range includes large joint revision and primary implants and complete extremities solutions including fixation.

About TechMah Medical

TechMah Medical is a technology company focused on delivering orthopedic solutions. We build innovative applications designed to improve patient and clinician experience throughout the joint replacement process. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, our team of scientists and engineers are driven to improve quality and efficiency through customization.

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