HHS implements anti-price gouging order amid coronavirus outbreak

March 26, 2020 / By Brooke Singman | Fox News

The Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday implemented President Trump’s executive order to prevent the hoarding of certain health and medical resources necessary to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar on Thursday announced a list of certain health and medical resources subject to the hoarding prevention measures, which also target price-gouging.

“Today, we designated a set of medical products that will be subject to the president’s recent executive order to prevent hoarding and price-gouging,” Azar said.

The order prevents accumulation in excess of reasonable demands of business, personal or home consumption, or for the purpose of resale prices in excess of current market prices.

The designated materials include N-95 filtering face masks, other “filtering face piece respirators;” air purifying respirators and filters and cartridges. The order also protects chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine (the malaria drugs that are being used to help the symptoms of COVID-19); sterilization services for medical devices; and disinfecting and hand sanitizing products.


Josh Sandberg

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