“For Surgeons by Surgeons; Pantheon the Next Industry Standard”

April 14, 2020

Utilizing a new “bolt on, tuck in” approach, three industry leaders have combined their innovative technologies to unify their landmark achievements under Pantheon, the next industry standard in spine.  Meeting high release expectations in the spinal implant market, Pantheon Spinal will open with a multi-million-dollar revenue stream on day one.

Years of bootstrapping the Pantheon Epiphany implant and the A.T.L.A.S. (Anterior to Lateral Approach System) concept to the lumbosacral spine has led to this remarkable unification. Pantheon Spinal under new CEO Eric Hansen has merged with Summit Spine, Allison Alley, and Shawn Culbertson, while Dr. Scott Spann will remain as chief medical advisor for the Epiphany implant. 

Dr. Spann was the original developer of the oblique minimally invasive approach to the lumbosacral spine. Further, he has the extremely rare distinction of being granted the method patent for the approach novelty, as well as multiple patents for the unique retraction devices and associated instrumentation necessary to maximize the performance efficiency of these procedures. This groundbreaking approach was carried out independently of any partnership or industry funding. Dr. Spann received FDA approval for the Epiphany Implant in 2013. Self-funding restrictions posed challenges to advancements in the next development phases: building implants and accompanying hardware, retractors, and enlisting all facets of production and engineering. Now with the foundation completed, the dramatic increase in commercialization and sales is underway. Aligning like-minded experts in engineering, sales, and manufacturing, Pantheon Spinal is now preparing to compete on the highest levels.

Shawn Culbertson, Allison Alley, and Summit Spine sought to expand a limited market by diversifying implant size offerings. The need for accompanying high quality and well designed supporting instrumentation grew with the expanding market. Summit Spine set out to solve this problem by getting FDA submission approvals in novel size ranges for Lumbar and Cervical implants. The harmonious unification of engineering, custom manufacturing, and regulatory compliance created an implant portfolio that allows total customization to meet each individual surgeon’s specific needs.

Eric Hansen, Pantheon’s new CEO, brings a long history of success, passion, and expertise within the spinal industry. Influenced by his past mentors at Henry Klyce Surgical Dynamics, the powerful training and education he built as Stryker’s ‘first VP of spine’, and the business acumen provided by the Lyons brothers at Blackstone Medical, Eric is primed to impress customers with a company that leads in technological innovation. Additionally, Hansen’s timely exit from Osseous brings funding and new technology to Pantheon, including the Compressive/Blue Topaz system. As Pantheon’s new CEO he will draw from his well of experience to jumpstart yet another zero-debt organic company.

Pantheon’s mission will continue to be “a company built by surgeons for surgeons.” The ultimate goal is to produce successful patient outcomes utilizing minimally invasive, modular, and expandable implants and approaches. This achievement allows for less instrumentation and reduces the number of implants as well as the size and weight of the trays. Pantheon is committed to changing healthcare, diminishing hospital overheard expenses, and decreasing payer cost.

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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