SpineCraft announces the introduction of Sacral Alar-Iliac (S2AI) screws to the ASTRA SPINE SYSTEM platform

May 26, 2020 Westmont, Ill.,

SpineCraft announces the introduction of Sacral Alar-Iliac (S2AI) screws to the ASTRA SPINE SYSTEM platform. The ASTRA SPINE SYSTEM is designed for complex spine, deformity, revision and degenerative procedures. The popularity of S2AI fixation continues to expand, but traditional implants lack important features required for the demands of the technique.  Specifically, the new ASTRA S2AI implants include high angulation tulips designed to accommodate the divergent trajectory of sacral alar-iliac screws. The increased tulip angulation precisely aligns the S2AI implant with neighboring screws thus minimizing rod contouring and lowering stress on adjoining implants.

The ASTRA S2AI platform also includes a specialized driver designed for the extreme forces encountered when placing large screws in hard bone and the driver is compatible with navigation and power.  

John K. Starr MD, Washington Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.                                                         

Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, The George Washington University, Washington DC

“The primary focus of my practice is revision spinal surgery and deformity. For several years I have used the ASTRA system for these demanding reconstruction procedures, and more recently modified my technique with S2AI fixation. When I began this transition, the available implant options were limited to standard large screws which were often difficult to align with neighboring screws.  The new S2AI high angulation implants permit much easier screw placement and rod alignment. And the new driver is smartly designed for safely and confidently traversing the alar-iliac anatomy.”

About SpineCraft

SpineCraft is a privately held US medical device company offering a wide range of products for addressing spinal deformities, complex spine problems, revision surgery, minimally invasive & degenerative spine procedures.  For more information please visit http://www.spinecraft.com

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Chris J. Stewart

Chris currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Surgio Health as well as Chief Operating Officer at Ortho Spine Partners. Prior to that, he was the assistant vice president and business unit leader of Medical Device Management for HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG).

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