Here’s What’s Really Going On With That Second Stimulus Check: Trump Is On Board, But Republicans May Not Be

June 23, 2020 / Sarah Hansen, Forbes Staff


President Trump has told his aides that he supports sending another stimulus payment directly to Americans, the Washington Post reports, even though some officials in his administration aren’t on board—the revelation comes as lawmakers disagree on how to approach the economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 


According to the Post, which cited three people familiar with the White House’s internal deliberations, Trump believes the payments will help boost the economy, and his chances of reelection in the fall. 

Trump’s enthusiasm for the checks is at odds with some GOP leaders who are wary of additional spending that would run up the national deficit, creating what the Post describes as a “rift” among conservatives. 

The Post reports that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has spoken in favor of sending another round of checks, while senior economic advisor Larry Kudlow is opposed to sending out another round as large as the first (when 159 million households received payments).

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been one of the strongest voices opposing another round of payments, while many Democratic lawmakers have advocated for  even larger payments. 


Josh Sandberg

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  1. The president is talking about a $4,000 tax break if you take vacations. It sounds great for all those who can afford to take vacations, but what about the large percentage of poor people in this country who are barely making ends meet? We can’t take off and just go where we want to go. Sometimes I feel that everything is geared toward people with money. Those of us who are trying to buy food and toilet paper and can barely make the rent, are left out. We truly need a second stimulus check. We are struggling and extremely worried. This virus is a murderer and seems to be getting worse.

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