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Blue Ocean Spine GmbH announces Acquisition of PROLIXO™ Limb Lengthening Technology

Tuttlingen (Germany). Blue Ocean Spine GmbH (BOS), a German medical device manufacturer focused on innovative implant developments announces that it has acquired Prolixo GmbH, a German company developing a new limb lengthening technology.

Intramedullary Limb Lengthening is a fast-growing market segment in the orthopedic industry to treat leg length discrepancies or to address non-unions after failed fracture treatments or tumors. The PROLIXOtechnology could also be used for spinal applications for the treatment of spinal deformities.

The PROLIXO implant concept is developed for lengthening of the lower extremities with a fully load-bearing intramedullary nail. The main competitive advantages are the robustness and reliability with precise distraction increments and a lightweight, user-friendly external remote control based on inductive energy transmission.

It has been developed by Regina Storz-Irion, founder and shareholder of Prolixo GmbH. Mrs. Irion says “I am happy that our patented concept, that we have worked on for several years and brought to ’proof of concept’ both in mechanical test setups and cadaver labs, is entering this next stage. We have focused on the technical solution to solve the deficits of current lengthening devices, that still have unacceptably high complication rates. Now it needs medical device expertise and funding to successfully bring it to market and make this technology available to patients all over the globe. BOS brings all of that to the table.”

“We are excited about this technology acquisition” says Guntmar Eisen, founder and CEO of BOS. “This technology is a nice addition to our project portfolio as it is very attractive for all global players in the orthopedic and spine industry that are leading the trauma market with standard intramedullary nailing systems. However, intramedullary lengthening devices still represent a portfolio gap for most of them. Mrs. Storz-Irion has addressed the main problems of intramedullary limb lengthening with a very smart patented solution. We believe we can make it available for patients within 24 months.” 

About Blue Ocean Spine

Blue Ocean Spine GmbH, based in Tuttlingen, Germany, develops and markets innovative, functional spinal implants to support minimally invasive fusion techniques in spine surgery. The company uses additive manufacturing technology to combine better functionality and product differentiation with cost efficiency. Expandable fusion cage designs allow for better adaptation to the patients’ individual anatomy and precise restoration of segmental height and realignment of the spinal curvature. Inventory is significantly reduced. 

Integrated deployable anchors in ALIF and lateral fusion cages support MIS approaches to the spine and allow for secure fixation in the intervertebral space without additional fixation.

The expertise of the Blue Ocean Spine team is the combination of strategic and visionary product development, including regulatory, reimbursement, IP, and market access strategies, addressing the needs of a potential buyer. Blue Ocean Spine provides innovative product solutions on highest quality standards, scalable manufacturing combined with solid clinical data, and focused commercialization to prove product safety and clinical efficiency as well as market acceptance.

Blue Ocean Spine is backed by Tübingen based healthcare investor SHS.

Visit www.blueoceanspine.com for more information. 

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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