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ExsoMed Corporation Announces Milestone 10,000th INnate™ Intramedullary Threaded Nail Used for Metacarpal Fractures


ExsoMed Corporation, a privately held U.S.-based medical device company providing orthopaedic surgeons with innovative solutions in hand surgery, today announced that 10,000 metacarpal fractures have been successfully treated with the INnate Intramedullary Threaded Nail. This milestone reflects the rapid adoption of ExsoMed’s technology, which is quickly becoming the new standard for metacarpal fracture fixation.

INnate is an intramedullary threaded nail designed specifically for minimally invasive fixation of metacarpal fractures. The robust length offering with innovative dual crest height design provides optimal fit within the intramedullary canal to create stable fixation and precise reduction. INnate is the only non-compression option, constructed to avoid shortening of oblique and comminuted fractures, while providing simple fracture stabilization in minutes. All instrumentation is sterile-packed and single-use, for efficient use in the operating room.

“There are very few new products that are based on anatomy, that completely change the way that we are doing things in orthopaedics. The INnate Intramedullary Threaded Nail is that game changer,” said David Ruch, MD (Chief of Hand Surgery at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC). “INnate is quickly becoming my ‘go-to’ for the majority of my operative metacarpal fractures, streamlining the surgery, and allowing my patients to get back to work and life very quickly. It’s my new standard of care and soon will be for every hand surgeon out there.”

Mark Rekant, MD (Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center, Philadelphia, PA) adds, “My patients have really been the impetus for making this change to using INnate for metacarpal fractures. It just makes so much sense for the patient, for me as the surgeon, and for the practice. My patients love being free of wires, being free of long-term splints, being free of long incisions… As the surgeon, I love the ease of surgery, the quickness and efficiency of it… For the practice, it has a positive impact from a global cost perspective. INnate has really been a game changer for my patients, for me, and for my practice.”

“10,000 successful INnate cases is a major achievement for ExsoMed. It further validates our approach in designing and developing innovative products and technologies for hand surgery,” said James Young Kim, ExsoMed’s Chief Marketing Officer. “For too long, innovation has been neglected in the hand surgery space, with subpar outcomes deemed acceptable for arguably the most vital human appendages. ExsoMed is here to change that. We believe our solutions will raise the standard of care in hand surgery by providing surgeons with user-friendly surgical tools that reduce the global cost of care and get patients back to work and daily activities faster.”

About ExsoMed

ExsoMed is a privately held medical device company providing orthopedic surgeons with innovative solutions in hand surgery. We believe that our solutions raise the standard of care in hand surgery by providing state of the art surgical tools that streamline use in the operating room, reduce the global cost of care, and enhance outcomes so that patients can get back to life faster. For more information regarding ExsoMed, please visit http://www.exsomed.com.

“ExsoMed™, INnate™, InFrame™ are trademarks of ExsoMed Corporation”

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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