DJO® Introduces New EMPOWR Dual Mobility™ Hip System at AAOS

August 31, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DJO, a subsidiary of Colfax Corporation (NYSE: CFX) and a leading global provider of medical technologies to get and keep people moving, today introduced its newest offering, EMPOWR Dual Mobility™, at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) (Booth # 3435). EMPOWR Dual Mobility is the latest addition to the EMPOWR Hip portfolio that provides surgeons a solution to treat a large patient group needing better joint stability.

Dual mobility (DM) use is climbing in the United States – now estimated to be used in 10% of elective primary hip cases and 22% of revision hip cases1. In the next three years, statistical projections estimate the use of dual mobility cups could reach 16% of elective primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) procedures and north of 30% of revision THAs1. EMPOWR Dual Mobility provides surgeons with a modern and comprehensive solution for both primary and revision THA procedures.

“We have partnered with industry leading surgeons to gather feedback and address concerns in order to bring a truly differentiated, improved dual mobility product to the market,” said Louis Vogt, President and General Manager of DJO Surgical®. “EMPOWR Dual Mobility offers a unique liner-engagement feature that is designed to provide confirmation of liner seating which addresses a clinical challenge reported in the literature. This innovative feature along with improved instrumentation culminating in one tray and optimized head sizes for enhanced stability are the true stars of this system.”

EMPOWR Dual Mobility offers the industry’s largest assembled head size for a given cup size2, aiding in enhanced joint stability. To address the risk of malseating, which has been reported in a study to occur in 6% of legacy modular dual mobility cases3, EMPOWR Dual Mobility has a robust locking mechanism aided by a uniquely designed dome peg and locking tabs. This locking feature helps in achieving robust cup-liner engagement, helping enhance corrosion resistance4. To help reduce oxidation and long-term wear5, all polyethylene bearings in this dual mobility system are HXe+, a highly crosslinked material blended with Vitamin E. When combined with one tray of instrumentation, these features provide an exceptional and efficient solution that meets surgeon requirements in today’s healthcare setting.

“I was among the first surgeons to start implanting EMPOWR Dual Mobility in select high risk patients, knowing that it would help achieve better joint stability regardless of the cup size selected,” said Dr. James Browne, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in Charlottesville, VA. “What impressed me the most is how easy it is to confirm accurate liner seating, which gives me added confidence and peace of mind. The star of the system is the instrumentation, especially the head assembly fixture, which has my scrub techs and surgical staff fighting to use it. It’s that easy to use – a big upgrade from the other systems on the market.”

EMPOWR Dual Mobility is part of the market leading EMPOWR™ Hip and Knee portfolio that helps restore healthy kinematics and provides surgical efficiencies optimized for today’s health care environment.

For more information about EMPOWR Dual Mobility, please or stop by DJO’s AAOS Booth #3435.

About DJO®

DJO, a subsidiary of Colfax Corporation (NYSE: CFX), is a leading developer and distributor of high-quality medical devices that provide proven solutions for musculoskeletal health, joint reconstruction, vascular health, and pain management. The Company’s extensive range of products and integrated technologies address the orthopedic continuum of care from performance and mobility to surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation; enabling people around the world to regain or maintain their natural motion. For additional information about DJO, please visit

Dr. James Browne is a paid consultant for DJO®.


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