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joimax® Launches NAVENTO® Navigation Endoscopic Tower at NASS and EUROSPINE

IRVINE, CA – September 29th, 2021 /OrthoSpineNews/ joimax®, the German-based market leader in technologies and training methods for full-endoscopic and minimally invasive spinal surgery, is excited to announce the global launch of its new generation tower, NAVENTO® Navigation Endoscopic Tower. Optimized for endoscopic spine surgery with special settings for the safe treatment of sensitive structures, NAVENTO® will be featured at the North American Spine Society (NASS) meeting in Boston later this month and at EUROSPINE in Vienna this October.

NAVENTO®, the fully integrated fourth generation endo-tower, contains everything a surgeon needs to perform a successful procedure. The tower boasts updated design features for enhanced usability and is composed of six devices that work in unison to give the user the best possible surgical experience:

  1. Vitegra®, the brain of NAVENTO®, offers complete documentation and data management.
  2. Combined camera system and light source Camsource® LED provides optimal clarity up to 4K resolution.
  3. Intracs®, the newest device from joimax®, delivers electromagnetic navigation at the instrument’s tip.
  4. Shrill®, the shaver drill system, with the newest generation recently launched, provides optimal RPMs and torque management.
  5. Endovapor® 2 poses electrosurgical offerings for monopolar and bipolar settings.
  6. Spinal irrigation pump Versicon®, delivers fluid and pressure regulation.

“joimax® continues to lead the endoscopic spine market through innovations in technologies aimed to increase the user experience and provide spinal patients with an ultra-minimally invasive treatment option,” stated Christoph Hofstetter, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Washington.

Wolfgang Ries, CEO and founder of the joimax® group, continued, “NAVENTO® pulls together the latest technologies forming one complete, seamlessly integrated spinal endoscopic package, fully leading us into this decennium after 20 years of development of the spinal endoscopy market and therefore needed technologies.”

NAVENTO®, along with the full suite of joimax® endoscopic technologies will be showcased at NASS, booth #3512, and at EUROSPINE, booth #04.

About joimax®
Founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2001, joimax® in its 20th anniversary is the leading developer and marketer of complete systems for full-endoscopic and minimally invasive spinal surgery. With the Endoscopic Surgical Systems TESSYS® (transforaminal), iLESSYS® (interlaminar) and CESSYS® (cervical) for decompression procedures, MultiZYTE® for facet and sacroiliac joint pain treatment, EndoLIF® and Percusys® Plus for minimally-invasive endoscopically assisted stabilizations, established systems are provided, addressing a whole range of indications. In procedures for herniated disc, stenosis, pain therapy or spinal stabilization treatment, surgeons utilize joimax® technologies to operate through small incisions under local or full anesthesia, via tissue and muscle-sparing corridors, and through natural openings in the spinal canal, e.g. the intervertebral foramen, the so-called “Kambin triangle”.

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Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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