Nexxt Spine Announces Commercial Launch of the NEXXT MATRIXX® Stand-Alone Cervical System

The minimal access, 3D laser printed NEXXT MATRIXX® Cervical Stand-Alone System features varying pore sizes, the strength and biocompatibility of titanium and a modulus of elasticity comparable to PEEK, while being designed to reduce patient trauma and OR time thru reduced surgical steps.

September 29, 2021

NOBLESVILLE, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexxt Spine, LLC, an industry leader in the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, announces the commercial launch of the NEXXT MATRIXX® Cervical Stand-Alone System. Featuring technology unique to the NEXXT MATRIXX® line of products, this thoughtfully engineered 3D laser printed titanium implant includes varying pore sizes from 300μm, 500μm and 700μm. The NEXXT MATRIXX® Cervical Stand-Alone System provides the strength and biocompatibility of titanium and a modulus of elasticity comparable to PEEK.

“Following the success of the targeted launch to our valued surgeon evaluators, this launch is just the beginning of the full market release of our complete NEXXT MATRIXX® portfolio. We are excited to deliver this unique cervical system and the NEXXT MATRIXX® technology to our customers” said Andy Elsbury, President of Nexxt Spine.

The NEXXT MATRIXX® Cervical Stand-Alone System is a minimal access technology that promotes less trauma for the patient and, by eliminating the need for a supplemental fixation plate, saves valuable time for the surgical team. Built on the NEXXT MATRIXX® five pillars for successful fusion, the additively manufactured device provides the essential framework for successful anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) procedures. The NEXXT MATRIXX® Cervical Stand-Alone System includes multiple footprints, heights, and lordosis options – each with integrated fixation screws – and is designed to maximize safety by minimizing retraction and exposure.

Dr. Jason Garber of The Center for Spine & Brain Surgery, Las Vegas, Nevada shared, “Zero profile, integrated interbody devices in both the cervical and lumbar spines have been part of my surgical practice for many years. Further advancements such as the 3-D printed titanium devices provide the potential to support vascularization and osteogenesis within the construct, as well as throughout the entire post-operative fusion process. The utilization of the NEXXT MATRIXX® titanium integrated interbody device affords me the opportunity to individually decompress and stabilize a single level, or sequential two level pathologies with restoration of normal cervical lordosis. Furthermore, it allows me the ability to reduce my operative time, and reduces the perioperative morbidity potentially associated with plate and screw constructs, particularly in multilevel cervical reconstruction.”

Dr. Adam Bruggeman of the Texas Spine Care Center, Shavano Park, Texas notes “The NEXXT MATRIXX® Cervical Stand Alone device provides my patients more than a fixation and interbody device, as it has the potential to actively participate in the patient’s fusion process by combining an avenue for bone growth with a 75% open architecture, a surface roughness designed to increase osteoblast differentiation and production of angiogenic factors, as well as a modulus of elasticity equivalent to bone, making it a more physiological implant.”

Products are available to current and new distributor partners. For more information on the NEXXT MATRIXX® Cervical Stand-Alone System, visit http://www.NexxtSpine.com/ or email Sales@NexxtSpine.com. Contact Jim Abraham, Chief Commercial Officer, for media inquiries: JAbraham@NexxtSpine.com.

About Nexxt Spine

Founded in 2009, Nexxt Spine, LLC is a privately held manufacturer of spinal implants and instrumentation headquartered in Noblesville, IN. Nexxt Spine manufactures their own product line therefore offering exceptional quality, American-made implants, hardware, and custom instrumentation for a range of spinal implant needs. For more information, visit www.NexxtSpine.com.


Jim Abraham, Chief Commercial Officer, JAbraham@NexxtSpine.com

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