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MicroPort Orthopedics Announces First Successful Total Knee Replacement Performed in the U.S. Using Pixee Medical’s Knee+ Augmented-Reality Platform

Pixee Medical’s Knee+ AR computer-assisted orthopedic solution deployed for the first-ever use in the United States with the MicroPort Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee system

December 2, 2021

ARLINGTON, Tenn., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MicroPort Orthopedics, a global leader in orthopedic devices and technologies, today announces the successful completion of the first surgery in the U.S. utilizing Pixee Medical, an FDA-cleared augmented reality surgical application for assistance in total knee arthroplasties.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Antonia F. Chen, M.D., M.B.A., an orthopedic surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, using MicroPort Orthopedics Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee system, designed to deliver a high degree of stability and motion, leading to increased patient satisfaction and survivorship. In conjunction with Pixee’s Knee+ platform, the surgeon is able to achieve excellent precision and control, which may result in more efficiency in the operating room and a quicker return to full function for the patient.

Pixee Medical’s Knee+ is a patented platform designed to assist orthopedic surgeons to perform surgeries better and faster by providing real-time positioning of instruments, right in their field of view via smartglasses. Knee+ is intuitive and requires minimal training since it does not change the overall technique for 90 percent of surgeons who use a conventional technique but have never utilized navigation or robots.

“Our mission at MicroPort is to help the patient achieve full function, faster – and this ability to enhance precision and results during surgery will do just that,” said Benny Hagag, President of MicroPort Orthopedics. “The Pixee platform will be transformative in the continued efficiency and precision of our device systems.”

“The first use of Knee+ in Boston is an important step forward as the U.S. represents 50 percent of the worldwide market,” said Sébastien Henry, Founder and CEO of Pixee Medical. “Pixee’s platform is designed to become the cornerstone of data acquisition and exchange during surgery. We look forward to expanding the use of this technology within the US market.”

MicroPort Orthopedics offers various products and techniques to help patients receiving total hip and knee replacements achieve Full Function, Faster. For more information on MicroPort Orthopedics, visit

About MicroPort Orthopedics

MicroPort Orthopedics leverages extensive experience in orthopedics and excellent clinical results to improve patient outcomes and drive provider satisfaction across the globe. The mission of MicroPort Orthopedics is to become the trusted partner of healthcare professionals who share a belief that hip and knee replacements of the past are not good enough for the patient today. In partnership with surgeons, MicroPort helps patients get back on their feet quickly. With a focus on innovation combined with demonstrated capability to deliver the resources of an industry leader, MicroPort Orthopedics is helping patients worldwide achieve full function faster each and every day. To learn more, visit

About Pixee Medical

Pixee Medical’s ambition is to empower all orthopedic surgeons with the latest breakthrough in precision surgery, to become digitally augmented surgeons. Learning from the success, as well as the challenges of adopting navigation and robotized approaches, Pixee Medical developed its surgeon-centric platform with the belief that all surgeons deserve intuitive tools to augment their knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgeries, without facing hurdles in terms of capital equipment, changing techniques, training, additional staff or longer procedure times. Pixee Medical’s augmented surgery platform is commercially available in Europe, Australia, and the USA for total knee arthroplasty with Knee+.

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