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ORHub’s Story Proves The Power Of A Winning Culture

Important message from the Chairman & CEO

March 14, 2022

Dear Shareholders,

It is an exciting time for ORHub. Our vision for the Company began in the operating room where we identified opportunities to improve the business relationship shared between hospital and medical device / biotech companies that ultimately impact a patient’s surgical experience. Our mindset on Changing Business for Good™ will not waiver and will continue to guide our business design and strategy, while remaining focused on helping deliver sustainable healthcare and future innovation.

ORHub has made significant progress on all fronts: removing distractions, continuing relevant filings, reducing debt, and ongoing preparation for an audit. We have made a significant investment to develop and recently completed the long-awaited FutureOR™ software, designed to deliver efficiency for hospital operating rooms and participating biological & medical device vendors. FutureORTM enables new digital processes to increase payment speed with these manufacturers, while controlling cost and accuracy for the hospitals. ORHub is in continued discussions to acquire, merge, or partner with strategic businesses that fit our vision in healthcare technologies. Our goal with these transactions, is to achieve fast and profitable growth using current product and opportunities with highly scalable potential with our market channels and leverage.

ORHub has entered a LOI and is pursuing an acquisition of PUR Biologics, an ortho-biologic company. PUR brings a product portfolio for bone regeneration and a patent portfolio including interests in regenerating mature hyaline cartilage, skin health & aesthetics. PUR’s research explores novel changes to how we address chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and a potentially significant neurological application.

Along with our new website, which is being prepared by branding professionals, ORHub is reestablishing its social media presence, and will steadily increase public market and investor communications.

As we shape the Company’s future operations to include a Digital Health and Regenerative Therapeutic division, we anticipate a “new corporate name” will soon be launched to support our significant progress and to best represent our evolving Company.

We are excited about the future of ORHub and look forward to increasing your share value. Thank you for your support.

CJ Wiggins
Chairman & CEO

Chris J. Stewart

Chris currently serves as President and CEO of Surgio Health. Chris has close to 20 years of healthcare management experience, with an infinity to improve healthcare delivery through the development and implementation of innovative solutions that result in improved efficiencies, reduction of unnecessary financial & clinical variation, and help achieve better patient outcomes. Previously, Chris was assistant vice president and business unit leader for HPG/HCA. He has presented at numerous healthcare forums on topics that include disruptive innovation, physician engagement, shifting reimbursement models, cost per clinical episode and the future of supply chain delivery.

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