TeDan Surgical Releases Phantom Multi-Bite™ Kerrison Rongeurs Innovating Bone Removal and Harvesting

SUGAR LAND, Texas, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TeDan Surgical Innovations (TSI) today announced the launch of the single-use, sterile Phantom Multi-Bite™ Kerrison Rongeur and Phantom Bone Collector for laminectomy, decompression, or other spinal procedures requiring bone removal and harvesting. The product is now available exclusively through TSI’s United States and selected international distribution networks.

The Phantom Multi-Bite Kerrison Rongeur frees the surgeon from the time-consuming manual removal of accumulated bone typically required with traditional Kerrisons, through its integrated bone aspiration capability – eliminating the need to manually eject bone material between cuts, saving precious OR time, and allowing the surgeon to maintain their focus on the surgical site.

With each bite, cancellous bone material, soft tissue, and fluids are extracted through the shaft of the Phantom Multi-Bite Kerrison and harvested in the Phantom Bone Collector.  The shearing mechanics of the Phantom Multi-Bite Kerrison bite preserve the cancellous bone matrix structure, while traditional Kerrisons punch through bone, crushing the matrix structure. The high-quality autograft bone can then be reintroduced into the patient potentially enhancing fusion rates and offering a cost-effective alternative to allograft bone.

This is a new world, and the Phantom Multi-Bite Kerrison has the potential to change/influence the way surgeons prepare the bone.” said Prof. Dr. Juergen Harms Specialist for Spinal surgery, Scoliosis surgery in Heidelberg. “In a two-hour surgery, [Phantom Multi-Bite] saves thirty minutes and I can save a drill in certain cases. It is less stress on my hand and I can do more surgeries and operate faster because I feel no pain.”

With a new sterile Phantom Multi-Bite Kerrison for every procedure, each cut will always be sharp, and the ergonomic handle design promotes a comfortable grip to minimize fatigue, allowing users to keep on cutting.

To learn more about TSI’s Phantom Multi-Bite Kerrison Rongeur’s visit www.PhantomMultiBite.com or call 877-726-0886.

About TeDan Surgical Innovations 
TeDan Surgical Innovations was founded in 2006 with the goal to innovate and address evolving techniques in surgical access. The company has developed a wide variety of retractors and disc prep instruments for posterior, lateral and anterior spine, as well as cardiothoracic, neurological and orthopedic procedures. TeDan Surgical Innovations is committed to providing high-quality, state-of-the-art medical devices that address customer and market needs.

Phantom Multi-Bite is a trademark from TeDan Surgical Innovations Inc.

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