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Variable-Dimension/Variable-Stiffness Spinal Fixation Rod with Bezier Surface Geometry Patent Approved

Complements Spinal Resources Inc Portfolio of Pedicle Screw Patents

FT., LAUDERDALE, FL., May 6, 2022 / OrthoSpineNews / — Subsequent to study results previously released by Spinal Resources Inc, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued the Variable-Dimension/Variable-Stiffness Spinal Fixation Rod with Bezier Surface Geometry a patent. The study demonstrated that Bezier-surface, spinal fixation rods provide quantifiable advantages over standard constant diameter rods, stepped-reduction-in-diameter rods and conical-shaped rods in assisting with correcting Proximal Junction Kyphosis (PJK) adjacent segment disease.

Biomechanics expert Dr. Craig Slyfield describes the technology. “Our patented fixation rod leverages varying diameters along discrete linear segments with smooth transition regions. This design mimics the anatomical variation in stiffness of the proximal vertebral column to assist mitigation of PJK and implant failure due to stress shielding.”

Dr. Slyfield continues, “Our unique rod technology offers full control over the length of transition regions, as well as the length and diameters of linear segments, to tune local rod stiffness. The use of transition regions with Bezier surface geometry eliminates the stress concentrations found in stepped rods, extending implant life. This innovative spinal fixation technology is enhanced with the use of surgical planning software which leverages AI to provide curvature morphotypes and corrective fixation tuned to individual patients’ anatomies and provides assistance in predicting adjacent segment disease at subsequent levels. This unparalleled patient specificity directly aims to maximize patient outcomes and clinical success beyond other fixation rods in the industry.”

Patients benefit from proximally varying rod flexibility of progressively reduced diameters and rod tapers. While the larger diameter sections found at the distal end of the rod add support, the diameter narrows proximally, adding flexibility. This proximal flexibility mimics that of the spine itself to provide a two-fold benefit. The first is reducing the contributing factors to PJK. The second is to minimize implant loosening and failure due to stress shielding.

Varying diameters along discrete linear segments with smooth transition regions give surgeons greater control over rod and screw placement, allowing them to accommodate the geometry of the patient’s spine–not the rod design. The Spinal Resources patented rod technologies reduce stresses at the transition junctions between diameters and the resulting rod flexibility profile reduces screw-bone contact pressures that contribute to stress shielding and implant loosening. Furthermore, this flexibility reduces material stresses in screw necks as compared to constant diameter, stepped and conical section rods and ultimately contributes to a reduced risk of screw neck breakage.

“The patent on the Variable Stiffness Technology marks another milestone for Spinal Resources,” stated Bernie Bedor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Spinal Resources Inc. “This latest issued patent complements our existing patent portfolio of pedicle screw technology. It gives us the ability to address implant loosening using more than two different individual diameter rods in a single screw head–a comprehensive single-step ROD-CAP-SCREW interface changing the tulip from poly-axial to mono-axial while still allowing for rod manipulation. This combination, along with our Bezier surface rod technology, is a true differentiator in the marketplace.”

Bedor continues, “Being able to provide a solution for Degenerative and Deformity Surgeons alike to address adjacent segment disease and, most importantly, the patient, has been and always will be our focus. Our patented rod and software solution represents a comprehensive approach to spinal fixation that provides maximal biomechanical benefit. The platform has additional advantages such as minimizing surgical stocking requirements and removing burdensome manufacturing turnaround times to which current custom rods are subject. As we further develop the AI-based rod optimization platform, we are positioned to provide spinal fixation rods with even more patient-specificity than what’s available today.”

About Spinal Resources Inc.

Spinal Resources Inc.® is a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida based spinal medical device company that supports cost-effective patient case with innovative mechanical and bio-mechanical products to alleviate pain, shorten recovery time, restore health, and extend quality of life.

Bernie Bedor, President and Chief Executive Officer, Spinal Resources, Inc.

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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