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ARCH Medical Solutions Corp. announces the acquisition of MedTorque, a world-class manufacturer of orthopedic devices with facilities in Kenosha, WI, and Elmhurst, IL

ARCH Medical Solutions Corp. (“ARCH”) today announces the acquisition of MedTorque (“MT”), a world-class precision manufacturer of orthopedic instruments and implants with facilities in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Elmhurst, Illinois, from Parallel49 Equity


ARCH Medical Solutions Corp. (“ARCH”) today announces the acquisition of MedTorque (“MT”), a world-class precision manufacturer of orthopedic instruments and implants with facilities in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Elmhurst, Illinois, from Parallel49 Equity, a private equity firm based in Lake Forest, Illinois, focused on investing in specialty manufacturing and business services companies. MedTorque is highly proficient in serving a wide range of orthopedic applications, including spinal fusion and spinal arthroplasty; upper and lower extremities; large joint reconstruction; trauma; and robotic surgery. MedTorque is also known for its product portfolio of silicone handles, ratchet drivers, and torque-limiting drivers that can be custom engineered to customers’ requirements. The Elmhurst, Illinois, facility will operate as ARCH Medical Solutions – Elmhurst, and the Kenosha, Wisconsin, facility will operate as ARCH – MedTorque. The acquisition expands the ARCH Medical Solutions repertoire and strengthens the company’s position as a leading, diversified supplier in the medical device contract manufacturing market.

Paul Barck, Divisional President of ARCH Medical Solutions, says the addition expands the company’s offering to include a broad catalog of surgical instrument handles, torque-limiting drivers, and single-procedure devices for orthopedic OEMs providing innovative products that change lives. “The extensive design and manufacturing experience of MedTorque in nearly every orthopedic discipline combined with its proprietary line of reusable and single-procedure products gives us new capabilities and added scale to offer our customers. MedTorque has also established itself as a strategic supplier of instruments with extremely tight tolerances for robotic-assisted and navigated surgical platforms within the rapidly growing orthopedics and MIS surgical technologies arena,” Barck said. “The spirit of innovation and collaboration at MedTorque is a perfect match for our growth and customer-minded family of precision manufacturing companies.”

“We are pleased to be joining ARCH Medical Solutions, and we are looking forward to working with Paul and his team to quickly combine and expand the portfolio of products and solutions we offer our customers,” says Steve Sundberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of MedTorque. “It has been clear throughout our discussions we share values and a commitment to employees and customers. I am convinced this is a great fit for our employees and have no doubt our customers will benefit from the added resources and expertise resident in ARCH. I am pleased we were able to bring this together and applaud the ARCH team for the way they conducted themselves every step of the way.”

John Ruggieri, Senior Vice President of Business Development at ARCH Medical Solutions, sees opportunities for deeper collaborations and partnerships in the future. “The diverse range of design, engineering, and manufacturing skills coupled with the innovative line of MedTorque products opens up a whole new world of synergies and opportunities to provide more of the solutions our customers need,” Ruggieri said. “I am excited to see what we accomplish with our expanded team of precision manufacturing specialists.”

About ARCH Medical Solutions
ARCH Medical Solutions, a Jordan Company platform company based in metro Detroit, precision manufactures high-quality medical components, parts, instruments, devices, and implants for a range of life-changing medical applications. ARCH Medical Solutions has multiple FDA-registered facilities across the country serving the orthopedics, surgical robotics, cardiovascular, dental, and life sciences markets. The teams at ARCH Medical Solutions are metalworking professionals with industry- leading tight-tolerance manufacturing expertise. ARCH Medical Solutions provides innovative and practical solutions to the complex manufacturing challenges of its customers that lead to better patient outcomes. Improving peoples’ lives. We have a part in that. Learn more at arch-medical.com.

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