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Inspired Spine Hosts OLLIF and SI Joint Observation and Cadaver Lab

BURNSVILLE, Minn., Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As its standard practice to employ the most advanced training methods available, Inspired Spine hosted a Surgery Observation and Cadaver Lab last week at its Burnsville campus. Doctors from across the country attended this event to observe two live trans Kambin OLLIF fusions in an ambulatory surgery center and received hands-on training in a cadaver lab for this technique. The participants also witnessed the introduction of the recently launched Trident™ Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System following the OLLIF Cadaver Lab. 

Surgeons that participate in Inspired Spine case observation and training events depart with a deeper understanding of the OLLIF approach combined with a genuine desire and excitement to incorporate this technique into their spine surgery practices. “The greatest benefit to the patient is the surgical footprint postoperatively is significantly lower than of an open procedure allowing the patient to recover faster.” Explained Dr. Akshay Gupte, a participating surgeon from El Paso. “I am very interested in incorporating this procedure into my practice to help patients recover better than I can do today”

Dr. Abbasi, MD PhD, a board certified Neurosurgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Inspired Spine, explained,  “Although hosting a cadaver lab is resource intensive, it is the best way to ensure that surgeons can learn and practice the OLLIF technique in a safe and controlled environment. We have put extensive education paths in place with what we have labeled our ‘soft transition’ to teach OLLIF and pass the knowledge safely” Following a surgeon’s participation in its observation and cadaver lab events, Inspired Spine also delivers continuous instruction at the surgeon’s practice location. This extensive training includes Inspired Spine surgeons providing proctoring in hospital and ASC operating rooms across the nation.

During the two-part event, the attendees observed Dr. Abbasi performing a complex multilevel OLLIF fusion in under an hour at an Ambulatory Surgery Center. The surgeons were provided a real-time view of the OLLIF procedure’s superior efficiency as compared to open-spine surgery. 

The OLLIF approach, on average, requires about 40 minutes for a one level fusion, while open methods for lumbar fusion are typically performed in 2-4 hours. Many OLLIF patients are discharged from the surgery center within 2-4 hours post-op, which is extremely unusual for spinal fusions. On average Inspired Spine patients are discharged in 1.6 days after complex fusion, whereas the average discharge time is about 4 days for comparable traditional surgeries. Inspired Spine Surgeons have performed over 1500 OLLIF surgeries and the statistics continue to get better with regard to surgery time and recovery time for the patient.

Inspired Spine has expanded its service nationally and many patients travel to Minnesota for their spinal care . With three locations in Minnesota, and an expanding national network of surgeons who are incorporating the revolutionary trans-Kambin OLLIF procedure into their practices across the country, Inspired Spine is continuously growing with affiliate surgeons.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Inspired Spine, please visit inspiredspine.com or call 952-405-6714

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