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Dr. Kingsley R Chin steps down as CEO of NanoFuse Biologics LLC after merger with NANISX LLC

NanoFuse Biologics represents the most unique and innovative advance in synthetic biologics in recent years. NanoFUSE Biologics is the world’s only FDA-approved fiber-based synthetic bioactive glass combined with demineralized bone matrix (DBM) for regenerative bone formation, promoting fusion and bone healing. NanoFUSE Biologics LLC merged with NANISX LLC on August 15th, 2022 to offer a combined technology platform to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC).


NanoFUSE Biologics is the world’s only FDA-approved synthetic fiber-based bioactive glass combined with demineralized bone matrix (DBM) for regenerative bone formation, promoting fusion and bone healing. NanoFUSE, when combined with an aqueous body fluid, forms a 3D ultra porous calcium hydroxyapatite layer for bone formation in as early as 24 hours. This reaction leads to the immediate release of Calcium, Sodium, Silica and Phosphate ions and the angiogenic/osteogenic response. Healthcare investment firm focused on ambulatory surgery center (ASC) spine surgery, KICVentures Group, owns NanoFuse Biologics LLC, Inspan LLC and Sacrix LLC and merged its holdings into NANISX LLC as of August 15th, 2022.

NanoFUSE is positioning to build a dedicated team, expand its market share of the over $5 billion orthobiologics market, and challenge Stryker’s Vitoss BA bioactive glass, the top-selling synthetic biologic. This goal made it compelling for NanoFUSE to decide to merge with NANISX LLC and prepare for an IPO to raise capital as a combined offering with InSpan and Sacrix as complimentary products with large total addressable markets across Interventional Pain Management (IPM), Orthopedic surgeons and Neurosurgeons.

Synthetic biologics use is becoming more prevalent as pressures are placed on human tissue and the reimbursement for human allografts is declining. Bioactive glass has proven efficacy and is readily available to be made cost-effectively with reduced lead times and large quantities. Stryker Spine acquired Vitoss for approximately $300 million in 2011 and built it into the #1 selling synthetic biologics business. Johnson & Johnson’s Depuy acquired Prosydian bioactive glass after a four-year distribution arrangement signaled the need for the acquisition.

“NanoFUSE Biologics is unique in having its own patented manufacturing process for its micro-spherical fiber-based bioactive glass that can be shaped into any formulation for various applications in spine surgery, orthopedics, dental and craniofacial surgery,” says board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Kingsley R Chin.

NanoFUSE Putty has a five-year shelf life and is sterile packaged, so it is easy to ship and store in large quantities anywhere in the USA or internationally. “NanoFUSE Biologics has been showing steady organic revenue growth since being acquired by the KICVentures Group in 2018 and is poised for accelerated commercialization as more doctors adopt InSpan and Sacrix in ASCs and pull-through NanoFUSE as a compliment to the devices,” says CFO, Aditya Humad.

Bioactive glass is going to be a significant factor in the future of synthetic biologics with its flexible forms and effectiveness. NANISX technology platform has been revenue and EBITDA positive and should grow rapidly with the expected addition of a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to be announced soon. We have initiated the listing process to prepare for an IPO with a New York-based advisory firm including the search for the right governance to establish processes to scale and be ready within 12 to 18 months.

Series A Now open in KICVentures Group.

About NanoFUSE Biologics LLC
NanoFUSE Biologics LLC is privately owned by the KICVentures Group and has a proprietary fiber-based synthetic bioactive glass. NanoFUSE is the only FDA-approved combination of bioactive glass plus DBM and is proven for regenerating bone.

About KICVentures Group
Founded in 2000 makes us the most experienced healthcare investment holding company with the largest portfolio of medical device technologies focused on solutions for less invasive outpatient spine surgery. Our investment strategy is to acquire or invent disruptive technologies using our own capital or partner with private individual investors. This allows us the freedom to make quick and nimble decisions such as when we acquired AxioMed Viscoelastic Disc Technologies while other rms invested in ball-and-socket articulating spacers.

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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