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Orthopedic Institute Offers New Option for ACL Surgery, Enabling the Body to Heal Itself

Orthopedic Institute offers a revolutionary new solution for ACL tears, called the BEAR implant, which enables the body to heal the tear itself.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Keith M. Baumgarten of Orthopedic Institute is the first surgeon in South Dakota to use an innovative new solution for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

BEAR, short for Bridge-enhanced ACL Repair, is a new method of repairing ACLs in the last 30 years. The implant, combined with the patient’s blood, enables the body to heal the torn ends of the ACL.

“For nearly 50 years, Orthopedic Institute has been known as the region’s leader with the most advanced and innovative orthopedic solutions for patients,” said Lynda Barrie, CEO. “We are proud that the BEAR team recruited Dr. Baumgarten to participate in this study.”

According to Dr. Baumgarten, there are three main benefits of the BEAR implant over traditional ACL Repair methods. First, because the BEAR Implant acts as a bridge to help both ends of the torn ACL heal together, patients keep and heal their ACL instead of replacing it with a tendon.

Secondly, patients avoid potential concerns for long-term discomfort, weakness, or other complications when taking a healthy tendon from another part of the body to make the new ACL.

Third, patients likely have less pain immediately after this new ACL repair compared to the traditional ACL reconstruction.

The traditional surgical treatment for the ACL tear is a reconstruction of the ACL using one of the patient’s tendons- typically either the patellar tendon, the quadriceps tendon, or two of the hamstring tendons. An alternative is to use an allograft tendon – transplanted from a cadaver. However, an allograft tendon is not an ideal solution for young athletes due to its high failure rate.

“Patients rightfully ask why there is a need for improvements in ACL surgery,” said Keith Baumgarten, MD. “First, there is a real chance of reinjury to the ACL after traditional ACL surgical reconstruction. Second, long-term data reveals an increased risk for future knee osteoarthritis in patients that have had the traditional treatments for ACL injury. The BEAR implant attempts to address both of these concerns.”

David Jones Jr., MD, Board President, expressed enthusiasm about Dr. Baumgarten performing the BEAR technique at OI, “Throughout his career, Dr. Baumgarten has demonstrated a commitment to advancing the treatment of orthopedic injuries for patients in the region. The BEAR implant gives patients with ACL tears a new treatment option, enabling them to return to do the things they love.”

Currently, Orthopedic Institute is the first and only location in South Dakota performing this surgery. Please get in touch with Orthopedic Institute at 605.331.5890 or Dr. Baumgarten’s team at 605.339.6828 to learn more about the BEAR ACL repair.


Orthopedic Institute (OI), one of the most highly respected independent physician groups specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine in the Midwest, was founded in 1972. Located on the Avera McKennan Health main campus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the group has steadily grown in size and scope, with 19 physicians and over 200 employees serving 17 satellite locations in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. Through empowering the private practice model, OI delivers the most efficient, compassionate, and highest-quality care to the communities it serves. Nationally recognized and renowned in the region for providing extraordinary orthopedic care, OI is the proud sports medicine provider for local professional, university, and high school teams in southeast South Dakota, southwest Minnesota, and northwest Iowa. Visit to learn more.

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