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Altus Spine Announces Successful First Case with Indy Standalone ALIF System

West Chester, PA – June 16, 2023 /OrthoSpineNews/ – Altus Spine, a leader in the development and innovation of medical devices used in spinal correction surgery, announces an evolutionary milestone in their product portfolio.  With the recent release of the advanced Altus Spine Lumbar Standalone Interbody Fusion System, the Indy Standalone was recently used to perform its first procedure at The Fellowship Surgical Center in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Dr. Kamaldeep Momi, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon whose focus is exclusively on the neck and spine, performed the first surgery earlier this month; resulting in a successful 2-Level Lumbar Correction. Dr. Momi comments, “The Indy Standalone worked in this case flawlessly. The four screw fixation anchors provided excellent stability while the approach was minimal. I was impressed by the comprehensive choice of materials, footprints, angles, and heights – I look forward to using this system in future cases.”

Not only was Dr. Momi the first to use this system in a case, he was also one of the surgeons heavily involved with Altus Spine’s engineering team during the design of the system.

“This successful first case is an important milestone in our portfolio that resulted from the culmination of tireless collaboration between experienced clinical minds and Altus engineering innovation,” stated Michael Fitzgerald, President of Altus Spine. “We are so excited to have been able to launch and watch this innovative system come to fruition in its first case. This system is the direct result of the pursuit to advance our technology for better patient outcomes and lead as a top innovator in the spine industry.”

The Altus Spine Indy Standalone ALIF System offers a comprehensive choice of implant materials, footprints, lordotic angles, and heights. The diverging screw fixation anchors provide excellent stability through a minimized approach. Implants are available in precision machined PEEK, and titanium that incorporates proprietary surface texturing intended to promote bone growth. With two material options, three implant footprints, four screw fixation anchors, and five lordotic angles up to *25°, the Indy Standalone ALIF System is optimized for sizing and stability.

For more information on the Indy Standalone ALIF System, please reach out to info@altus-spine.com.

*Should the physician choose to use fewer than the 4 screws provided, or implants with hyperlordotic angles > 20 degrees, additional supplemental fixation cleared by the FDA for use in the lumbar spine must be used.

Altus Spine

Based in West Chester, PA, Altus Spine is dedicated to creating the next generation of medical devices. Altus strives to improve patient care by designing and manufacturing products to meet the highest standards in an ever changing and evolving field. Implemented and used by over 100 hospitals across the United States, Altus is among the fastest growing spinal implant companies in the world. For additional information, or to inquire about distribution opportunities, please contact us at info@altus-spine.com.

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Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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