Viseon Inc. Announces Strategic Market Expansion with 4K Advanced Digital Visualization Enabling Technology

IRVINE, Calif., October 11, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Viseon Inc. announces the company is expanding their addressable market beyond minimally invasive spine surgery to focus on several additional market segments where both open and minimally invasive surgery can benefit clinically as well as economically from the Viseon technology, including enabling procedure transition to outpatient surgery centers. Viseon offers the first and only single-use disposable state-of-the-art 4K visualization system as an alternative to large capital-intense Surgical Microscopes, Endoscopes and Exoscopes. Viseon’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Valko, commented, “After initially cutting our teeth in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, we are now expanding the clinical applications for our Enabling Technology, a 4K Advanced Digital Visualization (4K-ADV) Company, with clinical and economic utility across several surgical areas of opportunity. We have demonstrated over 30% sales growth YTD 2023 over YTD 2022, as our surgeon users have consistently cost-justified their adoption of this Enabling Technology across multiple procedure types. Our surgeon users have demonstrated patient safety, operating room workflow efficiency, enhanced safety in teaching as well as surgeon ergonomic benefits from Viseon MaxView® use, in both in-hospital and ASC settings.”

Intraoperative visualization has migrated to several surrogate means of visualization such as neuro- navigation and Augmented Reality, most often based upon CT or MRI imaging modalities. Viseon offers a digital platform for real-time highly magnified visualization of critical surgical anatomy, projected onto the operating room flat panel monitor, for viewing by the entire OR staff, Resident and Fellows in training and visiting surgeons. The technology also enables 4K digital recording of the procedure for future reference, training, education including patient engagement and to amass a library of digital content as a platform for further Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence processing.

About Viseon Inc.
Viseon Inc. is privately owned with a founding goal to advance open and minimally invasive surgery with innovative technology that enhances intraoperative visualization in an otherwise compromised setting with state of the art, single use 4K imaging technology. In doing so the Company is disrupting antiquated modalities for visualization, enabling the digital future, and accelerating adoption of advanced surgical techniques while improving the surgeon experience, patient outcomes and safety, and introducing economic benefits to the hospital and surgery center.


Viseon, Inc.
Zazie Peltier, Director of Marketing

Josh Sandberg

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