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Captiva Spine Completes WatchTower Spine Navigation System’s First ASC 3D Navigated MIS Pedicle Screw Series in the U.S. Using 2D Percutaneous Registration

WatchTower™ SNS – Spine Navigation System: Elevating Spinal Procedures with Breakthrough Technology.

October 17, 2023 / OrthoSpineNews/ – Captiva Spine®, a medical technology organization connecting healthcare professionals, distribution specialists, and healthcare facilities with cutting-edge spinal care technology, announced the completion of their first Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) navigated MIS lumbar fusion series in the U.S. The navigated lumbar spine fusion case series, completed by Dr. Jonathan Hyde of Miami Spine Specialists, was powered by Captiva Spine’s state-of-the-art WatchTower™ Spine Navigation System (a U.S. FDA regulatory-cleared system). The WatchTower system’s capabilities support an efficient and economical navigation solution for ASCs and community hospitals performing lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint fusion surgery.

Navigating Today by Charting New Territories in Lumbar Spine Navigation Procedures.

Real-time 3D surgical Navigation is rapidly emerging as the standard of care in spine surgery. It has been shown to minimize radiation exposure for surgeons, staff, and patients while enhancing the surgeon’s view of the anatomy and minimizing risks of implant malposition.

The WatchTower Spine Navigation System streamlines the surgical workflow by registering a pre-operative CT scan with 2D c-arm imaging, using a sophisticated algorithm to provide real-time 3D navigation during surgery. This allows the surgeon to percutaneously navigate instruments and implants with enhanced accuracy and precision while reducing radiation exposure to the patient and entire staff.

“The ASC-READY WatchTower Spine Navigation System removes the necessity for additional expenditure of an intraoperative CT scanner… WatchTower is becoming a cost-effective choice for ASCs and community hospitals.”

Dr. Jonathan Hyde, a renowned orthopedic spine surgeon with expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques, expressed that “the most significant benefit of the WatchTower Spine Navigation System is its ability to negate the need for intraoperative CT scanning or open touch or photographic registration. We can eliminate the surgical disruption and delays of intraoperative CT scans or open exposures with just two X-rays and a pre-operative CT scan. WatchTower’s navigation capabilities offer a degree of intraoperative clarity and guidance that will benefit even the most capable surgeons.”

Aiming to Improve Surgical Workflows and Safety with Spine Navigation.

Beyond precision, the WatchTower Spine Navigation System addresses longstanding challenges in navigated spine surgeries: the need for intraoperative CT scanning or open registration. By eliminating these requirements, the system preserves the potential for percutaneous procedures and reduces operative times and radiation exposure while dramatically reducing facility costs.

“We are deeply committed to pushing the boundaries in spine care by being a clinical and economical solution for facilities,” says Dale Mitchell, Captiva Spine President. “The ASC-READY WatchTower Spine Navigation System removes the necessity for additional expenditure of an intraoperative CT scanner, doing away with such costly and cumbersome imaging equipment and preserving percutaneous procedure potential.  WatchTower is becoming a cost-effective choice for ASCs and community hospitals.”

Get Enabling Technology in Your Facility

To schedule a demonstration of the WatchTower Spine Navigation System and our range of spinal and SI fusion options, please visit www.captivaspine.com/spine-navigation


To take advantage of Captiva Spine’s innovative technologies and incorporate them into your healthcare offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome inquiries from healthcare providers, surgical facilities, and distribution professionals. To get in touch with us directly, please email our team at info@captivaspine.com

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About Captiva Spine, Inc. 

Captiva Spine, founded in 2007, is a privately held medical device company that brings healthcare providers, distribution professionals, and surgical facilities together with innovative spinal care solutions. With a focus on quality, Captiva Spine strives to create reliable systems that provide clinical and economical solutions to the spine market.

Captiva Spine – Navigating Today.


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