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Renowned Spinal Surgeon, Dr. Abbasi, Unveils Revolutionary OLLIF Technique at MISSABCON in India, Eyes Expansion Amidst Rapid Growth

Dr. Hamid Abbasi held an educational Trans Kambin OLLIF Cadaver Lab while in India. Pictured here with the Faculty and Organization Staff. Over 30 staff and surgeons attended the lab.

BURNSVILLE, Minn., Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Distinguished spinal surgeon, Dr. Hamid Abbasi, CMO of Inspired Spine was invited to India to showcase his groundbreaking Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLLIF) technique at the prestigious Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Association of Bharat (India) Conference (MISSABCON). Dr. Abbasi’s visit not only marks a significant contribution to the advancement of spinal surgery in the country but also signals his intent to expand his innovative approach to spinal interventions within India.

The MISSABCON conference provides a unique platform for spine surgeons in India to witness Dr. Abbasi’s OLLIF technique in action. Known for its minimally invasive nature and exceptional patient outcomes, the OLLIF technique has captured the attention of the global medical community. Dr. Abbasi’s presentation and hands-on cadaver lab at MISSABCON aim to share valuable insights and expertise with Indian physicians, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Impressed by the rapid growth and evolution of the medical and technology landscapes in India, Dr. Abbasi expressed his enthusiasm for contributing to the country’s healthcare sector. “India is experiencing remarkable growth in the field of medicine, and I am thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community. The invitation to present at MISSABCON reflects a shared commitment to advancing spinal surgery techniques and improving patient care. Witnessing the dynamic developments in India has inspired me to explore opportunities for expansion and collaboration within this burgeoning healthcare environment,” stated Dr. Abbasi.

The OLLIF technique, renowned for its precision and effectiveness in treating lumbar spine disorders, aligns with the evolving needs of patients seeking minimally invasive solutions for spinal conditions. Dr. Abbasi envisions establishing a presence in India, with plans for partnerships, training programs, and collaborations with local medical institutions.

“As a spinal surgeon dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, I see tremendous potential in contributing to India’s healthcare landscape. My goal is to make advanced spinal care more accessible to patients across the country, and I am exploring avenues for long-term partnerships that will facilitate the integration of the OLLIF technique into the Indian healthcare system,” added Dr. Abbasi.

Dr. Abbasi’s visit to India not only underscores his commitment to advancing global spinal care but also highlights the growing importance of international collaboration in the medical field. As he shares his expertise at MISSABCON, Dr. Abbasi looks forward to laying the foundation for a lasting impact on spinal surgery practices in India.

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