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Zavation Introduces 2-Screw ALIF Plating System–Z-Span

Dr. Chris Reeves of St. Louis Spine and Orthopedic Surgery Center

FLOWOOD, Miss., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zavation Medical Products (“Zavation” or the “Company”), an innovative designer and manufacturer of high-quality spinal implants, instruments, MIS procedural kits, and biologics headquartered in Flowood, MS, announced this year the first commercial implantation of the Z-Span 2-Screw ALIF Plating System, completed in St. Louis, Missouri by Dr. Chris Reeves. Geared towards simplifying and optimizing ALIF procedures, this system boasts equivalent bending strength to traditional 4-screw ALIF plates, employing a streamlined 2-screw design. Additionally, the plate incorporates a distinctive built-in fixation feature that helps provide visualization for plate sizing and minimizes plate slippage during screw fixation. This ensures dependable fixation and precise midline plate alignment before screw fixation.

Post-operative lateral image of 2-level ALIF using F3D ALIF cage and 2-screw ALIF plate

Dr. Reeves, from the St. Louis Spine and Orthopedic Surgery Center, remarked, “The low-profile design of this ALIF plate, with its rounded edges, mitigates tissue or vessel complications. Difficult exposures are commonplace in ALIF procedures, irrespective of the vascular surgeon’s expertise. The plate’s sleek design may forestall surgical complications from iliac vein compression.”

Post-operative AP view of 2-level ALIF using F3D ALIF cage and 2-screw ALIF plate

Continuing his assessment, Dr. Reeves stated, “The launch of the Z-Span 2-Screw ALIF plate was opportune for us. In one of our initial cases with the system, accessing my patient’s L3-L4 level during a 2-Level ALIF procedure posed a significant challenge due to the iliac vein’s position. Thanks to the narrow width, we quickly and successfully fixated the level without disturbing the vein. Standard 4-Hole Plates take extra time to fixate and cloud pedicle visibility for further posterior fixation. With the narrow midline, the surgeon can visualize the pedicles after the anterior tension band has been restored. In addition, the fixation spikes allow for more precise plate sizing and alignment—streamlining the procedure.”

The Z-Span 2-Screw Plate is a unique addition to the surgeon’s plating toolbox that allows for rapid, repeatable fixation. The Z-Span 2-Screw ALIF Plating System is offered in straight and sacral options.

INDICATIONS FOR USE The Z-Span Plate System is intended for use via the lateral or anterolateral surgical approach above the bifurcation of the great vessels in the treatment of the thoracolumbar spine (T1-L5) or via the anterior approach below the bifurcation of the great vessels in the treatment of the lumbar and lumbosacral spine (L1-S1).


Based in Flowood, MS, Zavation designs, engineers, and manufactures a portfolio of spinal hardware and biologics covering key areas including cervical, thoracolumbar, interbody fusion, interventional spine, and minimally invasive surgery. Founded in 2012, Zavation has experienced exceptional growth and created a national network of numerous distributors across the United States. The Company has commercialized over 25 product families since inception. Zavation operates a newly constructed 75,000 square foot vertically integrated facility in Flowood, MS. To learn more information about Zavation and the Company’s suite of products, visit

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SOURCE Zavation Medical Products, LLC.

PRNewsfoto/Zavation Medical Products, LLC.

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