Stryker Expands Prophecy® Surgical Planning System to Include the New Footprint™, Offering Surgeons a Comprehensive View of the Foot and Ankle

Stryker’s Footprint and Infinity Total Ankle System will be featured at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Annual Meeting

PORTAGE, Mich., January 31, 2024 –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Stryker (NYSE: SYK), a global leader in medical technologies, today announced the launch of Prophecy Footprint, an expansion of the Prophecy Surgical Planning system, offering comprehensive surgical planning across the entire foot. The system will be demonstrated at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) Annual Meeting, Tampa Bay, Fla., Feb. 1-4 (booth #919).

The launch of Prophecy Footprint also coincides with the tenth anniversary of Stryker’s Infinity Total Ankle System, a low-profile implant indicated for total ankle replacement in patients with end-stage ankle arthritis. Since its launch in 2014, the Infinity Total Ankle System has been featured in multiple studies, with the largest series demonstrating 98.8% survivorship at the two-year mark.1

“Our total ankle and enabling technology portfolios are an incredible example of Stryker’s legacy and its commitment to surgeon-driven innovation and enhanced patient care,” said Patrick Fisher, vice president and general manager of Stryker’s Foot & Ankle business. “Celebrating a decade of remarkable success, Infinity continues to reflect our commitment to the highest levels of performance. The latest addition to our enabling technology portfolio, Prophecy Footprint, marks a significant milestone as one of the first surgical planning systems that addresses the complexities of the entire foot.” *

With 70% of patients receiving additional procedures at the time of total ankle arthroplasty2, assessing the entire foot is essential for understanding a patient-specific procedural approach. Prophecy Footprint elevates surgical planning by providing comprehensive procedural considerations that address concomitant pathology at the time of total ankle arthroplasty.

“Prophecy Footprint offers surgeons more detailed and comprehensive planning capabilities, especially crucial in complex ankle arthroplasty cases,” said Dr. Hodges Davis, medical director for Stryker’s Foot and Ankle business. “It enables a more integrated approach and facilitates a more complete view of the foot around the ankle, enhancing the surgical planning experience for surgeons and, as always, the ultimate goal is better clinical outcomes for our patients.”

Prophecy Surgical Planning system’s history of innovation and success includes:

  • Over 60,000 ankle procedures planned globally since 20123
  • Achieving 100% post-op neutral alignment4
  • Saving an average of 38 minutes in the OR5
  • Delivering an average of $2,500 in cost savings6

Stryker’s Foot & Ankle business will be showcasing Prophecy Footprint at the ACFAS meeting. The event will feature an engaging didactic session titled “Advancements in Surgical Planning for Total Ankle Replacement,” led by Dr. Davis and Randy Clements, DPM, that will explore how Prophecy Footprint provides insights into potential ancillary procedures, contributing to the success of total ankle replacements.7

About Stryker

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* As of January, 2024


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