Osteotec announces strategic collaboration with Additive Surgical, bringing cutting-edge 3D-printed spine technology to the UK

NEWBURY, England, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Osteotec, the market-leading manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, is proud to announce a new partnership with Additive Surgical, the innovative Adelaide-based company renowned for its pioneering 3D-printed spinal implant technologies.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Osteotec’s expansion into the spine sector, promising to deliver unparalleled support and advanced solutions to UK orthopaedic and neurosurgeons.

Established in 2020, Additive Surgical is the first company in Australia to offer off-the-shelf 3D-printed titanium spinal implants. After years of research and development the portfolio features proprietary PorOssity™ technology, featuring intricate biomimetic lattices and targeted porosity that promote bone growth—capabilities previously unattainable through traditional manufacturing methods.

“This partnership is a testament to our dedication to bringing cutting-edge technologies to the UK market,” said Osteotec National Spine Sales Manager Lisa Watts. “By working with Additive Surgical we can offer surgeons innovative, customisable products that improve patient outcomes. We are excited to integrate Additive Surgical’s differentiated 3D-printed implants into our product line-up and offer UK surgeons unparalleled solutions for their patients.”

Additive Surgical’s unique approach empowers surgeons with significant design input, facilitating rapid iteration and customisation of implant designs. It’s the clinicians themselves that truly understand what the unmet clinical needs are in spinal surgery, and how to design a spine implant to solve these needs.

This clinician-led innovation model has garnered partnerships with leading orthopaedic and neurosurgeons across Australia and New Zealand, positioning Additive Surgical at the forefront of the medtech industry. Additive Surgical have developed advanced capability in biomimetic lattice structures and agile manufacturing processes that allows them to significantly shorten the iterative-design-feedback loop. This in turn enables their unique approach to medical device development and manufacturing.

The partnership with Additive Surgical will see Osteotec exclusively distribute their novel spinal implant technologies across the UK.

Gibran Maher, CEO and Co-Founder of Additive Surgical, said: “Our collaboration with Osteotec is an exciting step forward in our mission to bring cutting-edge spinal implant technology to the global market. Osteotec’s longstanding reputation and deep connections within the UK medical community make them an ideal partner to introduce our innovative 3D-printed solutions to UK surgeons. We can’t wait to officially launch in the UK market in the spring of 2025.”

Both companies are excited to begin engaging with leading UK surgeons over the coming months to understand specific clinical challenges and develop tailored solutions. This collaboration not only underscores Osteotec’s continued growth and innovation but also reaffirms its position as a leader in the orthopaedic and spine medical device industry.

About Osteotec 

Osteotec is a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices headquartered in Newbury, UK, with offices in Dublin and Malmö. Established in 1993, Osteotec has been supplying into the NHS and private healthcare sectors for the past 31 years.

Osteotec manufactures the Osteotec Silicone Finger, ChiroKlip and the Concentric Bone Graft System and is a distribution partner of choice for world-leading orthopaedic and spine partners including TriMed, SI-BONE, Enovis and Mathys.

Media Contact:

Ric Sumner
Head of Marketing
ricsumner@orthocg.com | 020 3011 5574 
For more information, visit – https://osteotec.com/ www.osteotec.com

About Additive Surgical

Additive Surgical was established in 2020 and is the first company in Australia to manufacture off-the-shelf 3D printed titanium spinal implant technologies, using state of the art, European IP. The entire Additive Surgical team is dedicated and passionate about manufacturing the highest quality medical technology in Australia that positively impact the lives of people globally.

Media Contact:

Gibran Maher
CEO and Co-Founder
gibran@additive-surgical.com | +61410404755

For more information, visit www.additive-surgical.com 

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