Love him or hate him the Spineblogger is here to stay. Over the last year a new website popped up called The Spineblogger (www.spineblogger.blogspot.com). This anonymous person has captivated the industry with his witty analysis and, at times, sharp criticisms. He spares no words and no feelings.

We here at OrthoSpineNews wanted to hear what you all think about him. Do you love him or do you hate him? Do you believe that he is accurate or more often wrong? Is he (the forum that he’s created) a good avenue to talk about otherwise taboo topics? And what are the repercussions if his identity is ever found out?

Please use our newly redesigned comment system to share your thoughts. The email address is not shared or stored. It is only for the system to send you emails with the thread that is created. If you don’t want to share yours, just lie to us. We’ll never know!

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Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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  1. I usually read the spine blogger to get the inside scoop on what has been heard on the street about our industry. Considering that the other websites do nothing more than report the news its refreshing to get an editorial point of view about the industry. If the blogger ever decides to go formal I would pay to subscribe considering I pay for Orthopedics This Week.

  2. Absolutely love it keep it…. While I may not always agree he is very topical and is very well informed. At the very least he creates a forum for discussion. I actually more of an issue with some of the anonymous responders.

  3. I totally agree about the anonymous posters. I liked it before when he made you pick your own moniker. It was easier to read the posts from good people and steer clear from the dumb ones. Good site all in all.

    He's made reference to a redesign, anyone know when that's coming? I really like the re-design of this site. Nice job all!

  4. I enjoy TSB and his insights. I don't really care much for the anonymous posts, as they tend to be very personal and typically lack substance. I think that TSB has been professional although sometimes aggressive and critical. I believe that he should continue to protect his anonymity but would eliminate posting anonymously as it gets over the top when people can make remarks without any accountability. Just my two cents…

  5. Great discussion! I am curious what everyone's perspective is on the anonymity. What happens if he gets “found out”. Would that change the forum?

  6. If SB continues to provide interesting blog articles via thought provoking discourse does anyone really care who it is?

  7. Really? Too kind? And you find an entire industry “loathsome?” That is interesting. Do you hate all Blacks, Jews and Italians too?

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