Center of Regenerative Orthopedics Now Offering Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Injuries and Arthritis

The top stem cell therapy clinic in South Florida, Center for Regenerative Orthopedics, is now offering stem cell procedures for all types of shoulder injuries and arthritis. The treatments are offered by Board Certified physicians for rotator cuff injuries, labral tears, degenerative arthritis and tendonitis.

Undergoing surgery for shoulder conditions entails potential complications such as nerve injury, infection, failed reconstruction along with a lengthy rehab. What regenerative medicine often allows for is the ability to provide pain relief, increase shoulder function and avoid the need for the surgery.

The stem cell procedures offered at Center of Regenerative Orthopedics include Bone Marrow Derived stem cell therapy. One’s own bone marrow is used through a minor harvesting procedure, and it is immediately processed to concentrate the stem cells and growth factors. The result is material that is able to regenerate and repair the damaged area.

The procedure is very safe, as the person’s own bone marrow is used. The results have been exceptional for achieving relief and improving patient function. This includes allowing people to get back to high level athletics, recreational activities along with playing with one’s kids and grandkids.

In addition to treating shoulder conditions, the Center also treats all types of hip and knee arthritis, meniscal injuries, chronic tendonitis and ligament injuries as well.

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