Blue Belt Technologies Announces First Surgery Center in Connecticut to Implement Next-Generation, CT-Free Robotic Orthopedic Surgery

Minneapolis, MN. (July 21, 2015) – Blue Belt Technologies, a medical device company specializing in advanced technology solutions for orthopedic surgery, announces partnership with Orthopedic Associates of Hartford, a practice specializing in orthopedic surgery. The partnership enables OAH surgeons to offer the state’s only CT-free, robotics-assisted partial knee replacement surgery with the Navio® Surgical System at Orthopedic Associates Surgery Center in Rocky Hill, CT, a facility co-managed by OAH and Constitution Surgery Centers.

The Navio system represents the latest in robotics-assisted techniques for partial knee replacement procedures. Through CT-free navigation and handheld robotics, Navio enables the surgeon to create a surgical plan based on patient anatomy and brings a high degree of implant placement accuracy. The Navio system’s open implant software supports 7 different knee systems to provide access to robotics-assistance for a wide surgical audience.

OAH is focused on providing the most comprehensive level of orthopedic and musculoskeletal healthcare for their patients.

Dr. Gordon Zimmermann, Orthopedic Surgeon at Orthopedic Associates of Hartford in Hartford, CT, is the practice’s first physician to utilize the Navio technology. “The demand for outpatient arthroplasty has risen dramatically,” said Dr. Zimmermann. “Compared to historical hospital in-patient care, outcomes are as good or better, cost is markedly less and most importantly, patient satisfaction is over 95%. There are multiple reasons for this improvement including better perioperative pain management and minimally invasive robotics-assisted surgical techniques. At some centers up to 80% of all joint replacements, both full and partial, are being done on a strictly outpatient basis. We are excited to offer this latest robotics-assisted technology to our patients.”

Blue Belt Technologies, Inc.

Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. is developing the next generation of “smart” surgical instruments for initial use in orthopedic procedures. The Company’s Navio® Surgical System incorporates patented technology to provide precise control to surgeons via an intelligent, handheld, computer-assisted, bone-cutting tool. The Navio system provides robotic assistance to the surgeon while performing bone-shaping tasks through minimally invasive incisions. The Company’s STRIDE™ Unicondylar Knee system provides implant features optimized for use with Navio.

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