Pure Sports Medicine tackles desk-related pain suffered by Canary Wharf workers

By Beth Allock

Do you find yourself slouched at your Canary Wharf desk or hunched over Candy Crush Saga on your iPad at lunchtime?

If so, you might well be developing poor posture. But what can you do straighten up and fly right?

Pure Sports Medicine in Cabot Place might have the solution. Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist Adam Goode advocates getting your colleagues involved. He believes getting them to snap and shame his clients every couple of hours during the working day is the ideal motivator.

He said nearly half of those on his treatment table suffered from ailments caused by their desk-based careers and the images were more than just a shaming technique.

They also provide a visual aid for pinpointing the source of stresses and pains.

Typically neck, shoulder and back ailments result from repetitive use of office equipment meaning the upper trapezius, erector spine and spine move as a block, rather than as individual components, causing twinges.

Adam is clear about the main source of problems he sees.

“I have a big problem with a lot of the chairs in Canary Wharf,” he said.

“You’ll see executive chairs that sway away from supporting the upper back.


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