UK based Metaphysis to launch ‘Intelligent Orthopaedics’ in India soon

By Nandita Vajay

UK-based Metaphysis, known for its Intelligent Orthopaedics brand, is looking at the Indian market for its next phase of growth by offering advanced mechanics in bone healing and problems associated with long bone fractures.

The move, according to Indian hospitals is expected to see a major transformation in the country’s orthopaedic treatment offerings.

Intelligent Orthopaedics’ products were developed by professor Peter Thomas, an experienced orthopaedic trauma surgeon from the University Hospital of North Midlands and founder of Metaphysis. The globally certified range has been used to treat thousands of patients in the US, EU, Middle East and Australasia

Its first product STORM (The Staffordshire Orthopaedic Reduction Machine) was initially developed as a research tool to help the surgeons ensure that every fractured shin-bone was anatomically reduced so that accurate comparisons of the various methods of fixation could be achieved. During its maiden hospital trial, the device worked so well that surgeons asked the researchers not to remove the machine, Susan Hartman, partner and general manager, Metaphysis, told Pharmabiz in email.

STORM helps surgeons achieve anatomical reductions of unstable tibial fractures prior to fixation. Surgery time is shortened by 25 per cent and the average reduction takes just 11 minutes. Using STORM decreases x-ray exposure by 50 per cent and enables faster healing and reduced complications.


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