“Text Neck,” the Increasingly Common Spinal Injury Caused by Texting

By Karsen Forsman

Technology has changed the way we communicate, and a local chiropractor says she’s seeing the negative way it’s affecting our bodies.

They’re calling it “text neck,” and it’s becoming increasingly common.

“It’s a problem with your posture when you’re always looking down. You need to start off-setting that by bringing your shoulders back and down and making sure that your head is over your shoulders,” says  Chiropractor Anna Junge.

Junge says 75 percent of people who come in for treatment deal with some issue of text neck, or technology neck.

“If you do it time after time, it’s not like a whiplash injury where you know the one trauma that caused it, but it’s the micro trauma and eventually you’re going to have a problem,” says Junge.


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