Ortho Spine Distributors to exhibit for first time at NASS 2015

Ortho Spine Distributors has announced plans to exhibit at the 2015 NASS Conference, in Chicago, Illinois. NASS is a conference specifically targeted for interested stakeholders in spinal and orthopedic solutions. The Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity to learn and gain skills through dynamic educational programs and the ability to network and build relationships with industry-like professionals.

Ortho Spine Distributors will be exhibiting for the first time at NASS this year in order to promote their newly launched platform and Distributor “Toolkit”.  Those in attendance can learn about the Toolkit’s offerings and also enter for the chance to win one of two Apple Watches being raffled off.

Ortho Spine Distributors has a long history in orthopedics, and the company’s expertise and passion to make meaningful change within the industry led them to create the Ortho Spine Distributors Toolkit. “We recognized a problem, and have worked hard to build a solution that we believe will bring great value to the industry”, says Founder, Josh Sandberg.

Ortho Spine Distributors recognized that small manufacturers were in need of top-notch distributors to gain access into the market and to drive sales, but often faced struggle in finding those quality distributors and sales reps. Ortho Spine Distributors also recognized that many smaller distributorships capable of the job existed, but simply didn’t have the tools and resources necessary to ramp up and build success.

This ended up sparking an idea that eventually became the Ortho Spine Distributor’s Toolkit, a toolkit composed of products and services bundled into a single monthly price. The Toolkit allows for distributors to market their company, create visibility and grow their business. The Ortho Spine Distributor platform then allows for these distributors and manufacturers to connect and establish meaningful partnerships.

The Ortho Spine Distributor’s Toolkit is made up of the following:

Surg.io – A cloud based surgery scheduling software platform that enables a distributor to track their inventory and cases on a unified calendar. www.surg.io

Website – Ortho Spine Distributors builds each distributor a semi-custom website and creates branded email accounts for each employee.

LegalShield – Ortho Spine Distributor provides each distributor with a LegalShield account so that they can protect themselves and their employees against avoidable mistakes and pitfalls relative to all kinds of legal matters. This includes such actions as reviewing contracts with manufacturers, leasing office space, and hiring or terminating an employee among many others. LegalShield provides protection and peace of mind.

Sales Training – Ortho Spine Distributors has partnered with Daloren Group to provide sales training for distributor reps as part of the bundled product. Each rep has access to an online sales proficiency platform at no additional cost. Additional webinars and custom plans are available at a deep discount as well.

Accounting & Payroll – Ortho Spine Distributors has established a relationship with the nationwide firm, Summit Accounting Solutions, which provides a broad spectrum of financial services from payroll to 401ks at a discount.

HR Consulting – Ortho Spine Distributors has partnered with an experienced HR professional, who spent several years in the orthopedic industry, to provide specific insights into all matters relating to Human Capital. As a member, your distributor is entitled to up to one hour of consulting per month for free. Additional consulting will be provided at a discount.

OrthoEthics – Ortho Spine Distributors has partnered with OrthoEthics to allow all members a place to air out the issues and challenges that are often faced in the day-to-day grind. OrthoEthics is an online community for the advancement of ethical business practices. Its sole purpose is to stimulate discussion around best practices and doing things that perpetuate our industry rather than undermine it.

VenOps – Ortho Spine Distributors has partnered with VenOps to protect the reps and surgeons’ practices from the onerous HIPPA laws and include their monthly fee in the Ortho Spine Distributor Toolkit bundle. ($20/mo)

Ortho Spine Distributors has also partnered with other firms that provide services such as Errors & Omissions insurance and other vendor certifications at huge discounts.

By visiting Booth #628, distributors and manufacturers alike can learn more about the newly launched platform, view a tutorial and sign up

For more information, visit www.orthospinedistributors.com/toolkit

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