Study reveals long-term results, implant survivorship after Charnley THA

A single-surgeon series of hip arthroplasties performed using a low friction arthroplasty method introduced by Sir John Charnley showed a 53% overall survival rate at 30 years using revision for any reason or removal of the components as an endpoint.

The study included 241 low friction hip arthroplasties performed in 205 patients between January 1973 and December 1984 by the senior author. Patients were followed clinically and radiographically at 3 months and 12 months after surgery. In addition, patients were also followed at 1-year to 3-year intervals during their lifetimes or at a minimum of 30 years after the index operation.

Results showed 21% of acetabular components had been revised for aseptic loosening at an average of 19 years, and 16% of femoral components had been revised for this reason at an average of 18 years during patients’ lifetimes or until their last follow-up.


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