Commons Clinic Invests $9.75M in Advanced Spine Surgery Center; Launches Next-Gen Ambulatory Surgical Platform “Theater”

  • New platform and surgery center investment adds advanced facility capabilities to specialty care network, strengthening in-person treatment and attracting leading orthopedic surgeons and physicians
  • With Theater launch, value-based MSK care visionary continues spine & joint care transformation, challenging high cost/low impact hospital-based treatment with groundbreaking care model
  • Combining proprietary software, cutting-edge facilities, and innovative procedures, Theater ushers in the next generation of complex specialty care

LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Commons Clinic, a leading value-based physician group reinventing musculoskeletal (MSK) care, today announced its $9.75 million investment in Marina Orthopedic & Spine Institute (MOSI), a trailblazing Los Angeles-metro independent surgery center that has set a national standard for minimally invasive spine and joint procedures. Commons’ investment expands its network of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) while growing its capabilities through its proprietary surgical care platform, Theater, also formally launched today. Theater is a full-stack technology solution that allows specialty surgery centers to scale and automate treatment pathways between facilities, enabling and accelerating the migration of orthopedics to ambulatory-first care.

Analysts project that 85% of all healthcare procedures will be performed in outpatient settings by 2028, with growth driven by innovation, unique partnerships, and novel product launches. Increasingly complex and novel MSK procedures are migrating to ASCs, delivered safely and effectively by leading experts at rates 35-50% lower than hospital settings while also improving patient experiences and outcomes. Comparatively, hospital-based orthopedic care is delivered at an astronomically high price (ranging from $95,600 – $221,000). In partnership with actuarial firm Accorded, Commons’ proprietary analysis of commercial claims data suggests that despite this ambulatory evolution, 90% of all expenditures for spinal surgery in Los Angeles are still concentrated in hospitals, leading to an uncontrollable cost trend and financial toxicity for patients.

Led by physician-owners and Commons providers Sanjay Khurana, M.D., and Michael Port, M.D., MOSI has treated thousands of complex spine maladies. Dr. Khurana is a board-certified spine care specialist who has conducted thousands of surgeries spanning the entire spinal axis. He operates at the forefront of orthopedic treatment, performing procedures including Total Disc Replacements that represent a vast improvement over spinal fusions regarding cost and patient mobility. Dr. Khurana also co-leads the recently launched Center for Spine Economics, Outcomes & Research.

Dr. Port is a national leader in anesthesia and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols for complex, ambulatory spine procedures. As a double-board certified pain management specialist, he has extensive trauma experience, taking a personalized, highly detailed approach that targets specific nerve roots to establish a more concise diagnosis and avoid unnecessary medication.

“We developed Theater to harness and rapidly scale breakthroughs by physician innovators like Drs. Khurana and Port across Commons’ national facility network,” said Nick Aubin, CEO and co-founder, Commons Clinic. “We believe that advancing ambulatory care is foundational to rebuilding community healthcare infrastructure, reducing reliance on high-cost hospital systems and using technology to achieve healthcare’s quadruple aim. With Theater, we’ll usher in a new, disruptive era for specialty care.”

Theater – a nod to the operating theater’s historical impact on innovation and global health – is an integrated, ambulatory surgical platform that combines:

  1. Modern, Full-Stack Technology Platform: Theater offers an end-to-end application suite for specialty surgery centers. It powers Commons’ network of surgery centers by expediting processes across evidenced-based care pathways, mission-critical workflows, and staff productivity. Theater’s software suite is built to meet the rapidly evolving needs of orthopedic clinicians, nurses, and administrators, delivering new innovations to the last mile of care and adding a trusted, augmented software coworker to high-value teams.
  2. Vertical-Specialized Operating Suites: Theater’s advanced ambulatory operating rooms (ORs) are tailored to the needs of sub-specialty care programs across spine treatment, joint replacements, cardiology, and more. The platform connects advanced surgical products, including cutting-edge robotics, imaging, and endoscopy, to create scalable, tailored OR solutions that drive increased case complexity and efficiency.
  3. Precision Surgical Pathways: Theater’s proprietary care algorithms leverage real-world evidence to optimize procedure selection and planning, implant and hardware utilization, and high-impact ERAS protocols.

Commons is committed to delivering better outcomes, capabilities, and experiences to patients in ASCs. Its Theater platform removes incredibly complex cases from hospital settings lagging in the newest care techniques and moves it into community surgery centers, where Commons’ physicians can advance the possibilities of MSK care. The orthopedic innovator plans to continue expanding Theater, with a goal of implementing it into dozens of hyper-specialized surgery centers across the country by 2026.

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About Commons Clinic
Commons Clinic is a specialty health system offering all-inclusive, expert care. The platform converges value-based care, elite physicians, and a portfolio of state-of-the-art ambulatory facilities and surgical centers to offer an end-to-end service that delivers a phenomenal experience to patients. The company has raised more than $33M in venture capital from RA Capital Management, Floating Point, Time BioVentures, and Courtside Ventures, among others. Founded in 2021 by Nick Aubin and Paulo da Costa, Commons Clinic is based in Los Angeles.

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