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pitch sink: Revolutionizing Medical Device Innovation Through Physician Empowerment

Denver, CO, May 1, 2024 – OrthoSpineNews – pitch sink, a groundbreaking two-sided elite talent marketplace focused on medical device innovation, officially launches today. Founded by entrepreneur Steven Flutie-Davis, pitch sink is poised to transform how medical devices are developed by empowering physicians and independent innovators and lean startups.

At its core, pitch sink is designed to connect medical professionals and device innovators directly with industry leaders and investors to streamline and enhance the development process. By providing a platform where ideas can be shared, feedback can be garnered from key opinion leaders in orthopedics, and resources can be allocated efficiently, pitch sink ensures that innovative concepts quickly turn into tangible solutions that can significantly improve patient outcomes.

“The inception of pitch sink was inspired by the clear need for a more collaborative and efficient pathway between medical professionals’ innovative ideas and their realization into devices that can truly make a difference,” said Steven Flutie-Davis, Founder and CEO of pitch sink. “We are here to bridge the gap between invention and market, providing both resources and guidance that are often lacking in the traditional development process.”

In addition to connecting innovators with medical professionals, pitch sink is actively building out an ecosystem of strategic partnerships across various sectors including finance, inventory management, and manufacturing. These partnerships are designed to ensure that innovators have access to all the necessary tools and resources at every stage of the development and commercialization process.

“Our goal is to create a supportive ecosystem where every aspect of medical device innovation is addressed, from the initial concept to full-scale production and market entry,” added Flutie-Davis. “By partnering with leading companies in finance, inventory management, and manufacturing, we are poised to offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the unique needs of medical device innovators.”

pitch sink also features a unique Physician Advisory Consulting Committee (pacc), which includes some of the top minds in the orthopedic sector. This committee plays a crucial role in mentoring up-and-coming innovators and ensuring that all products developed through pitch sink meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

“We’re excited to see the innovative solutions our users will bring to the forefront, solutions that could potentially revolutionize the medical field,” added Flutie-Davis. “With pitch sink, the future of medical device innovation is bright, and most importantly, it’s in the hands of those who understand patient needs the most — our physicians.”

For more information about pitch sink, to become a member, please visit

Name: Steven Flutie-Davis
Title: Founder / CEO 
Company: pitch sink 

pitch sink

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Medtech leader with 19+ years of experience in medical device product development, manufacturing, and project management.

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