Orchid Orthopedic Solutions Completes Acquisition Of Cam Bioceramics Coating Facility In China

Dec/18/2015 Holt, MIOrchid Orthopedic Solutions (Orchid) completed its acquisition of the Cam Bioceramics coating facility and operations in China on December 15, 2015.

Orchid is a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing for the orthopedic and medical device industry. With the acquisition of the high quality coating facility in China, Orchid can now offer world-class coating capabilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia to its customers. The acquisition also creates a base for Orchid to further expand its capabilities in China to serve the growing demands in the market.

About Orchid Coatings

Orchid’s coating technology and experience extends 20+ years in the US and Europe, and is extended further with the new offerings in Asia. Orchid’s coatings and surface treatments now include spherical bead, Asymmatrix®, Osseomatrix®, titanium plasma spray, hydroxylapatite (HA), VPS on PEEK, VPS Ti on Polyethylene, ceramic coatings and Resorbable Blast Media (RBM). 

About Orchid

Orchid is a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing for the orthopedic and medical device markets. Orchid is able to do this by compressing time to market, providing new technologies and being the best total supply-chain value. Besides coating technologies Orchid provides expertise in design and development, quality and regulatory support, implant manufacture, advanced machining, plastics technology, instrument manufacturing, and packaging services. With 14 world-class facilities located around the globe, Orchid continues to provide others an opportunity to live a better life through the products, services and the way the company does business. For more information about Orchid, visit the company’s website at

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