Study highlights risk factors of hyponatremia in orthopedic surgery patients

By Monica Jaramillo

Results from a study cited longer hospital stays and more expensive hospitalizations in orthopedic patients who developed hyponatremia, with greater chances of development with older age, spine surgery, hip arthroplasty and amount of lactated Ringer solution used.

Researchers retrospectively reviewed electronic charts and OR records of 1,067 consecutive orthopedic surgery patients who were aged greater than 21 years and admitted to a tertiary academic medical center between January and December 2010. Within 30 days preoperatively, first day postoperatively and day of hyponatremia diagnosis, investigators recorded patients’ sodium levels. Patients were divided into three groups: normonatremic patients during hospitalization; patients admitted to the hospital with hyponatremia at the time; and patients who developed hyponatremia postoperatively.


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