Satisfactory results seen after Ganz surgical hip dislocation for Pipkin fractures

By Monica Jaramillo

Satisfactory results were seen after safe Ganz surgical dislocation of Pipkin fractures in hips with no increase in osteonecrosis in patients who underwent early joint reduction, based on results of a prospective trial.

Researchers studied 28 patients with type I or type II Pipkin fractures, who underwent closed reduction within 6 hours of injury. At 6 weeks, 12 weeks and every 6 months thereafter, until final follow-up, investigators radiographically assessed the patients. At the last follow-up, patients underwent functional assessments with the Merle d’Aubigne scores and Oxford hip scores (OHS). The mean follow-up was 36 months.

Investigators also used logistic regression analysis to determine the influence the procedure had on the timing of degenerative arthritis occurrence and functional outcomes.


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