Many young, active patients reported pain after THA, surface replacement arthroplasty

By Casey Tingle

Regardless of whether patients underwent total hip arthroplasty or surface replacement arthroplasty, 40% of young and active patients in this study experienced pain around the hip following surgery.

A pain-drawing questionnaire investigating the location, severity and frequency of pain around the hip was completed by 420 patients younger than 60 years with a pre-symptomatic University of California, Los Angeles score of 6 or greater who underwent either total hip arthroplasty (THA) or surface replacement arthroplasty.


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  1. Interested in the most advanced surgery methods for AC type 3 shoulder and clavicle dislocation. Presently the main surgery is a cool & plate with cadaver replacements for the ligaments. amazing to review the surgery has had problems with such extensive drilling, screws, metal parts and secondary donor contamination and required additional surgery to remove hook or upgrade. We need to cross reference the various surgeries successes and review applying them to various surgeries reducing infections, excessive metal parts, and contaminated tissue drafts. Reviewing the world applications of various surgeries that are successful.

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