Pinnacle Spine Group Granted Chinese Patent for Innovative Spinal Fusion Technology

DALLAS, April 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Pinnacle Spine Group, LLC, a developer of innovative spinal fusion solutions to address unmet surgical needs and improve outcomes, today announced that the Chinese Patent Office is in the process of issuing Chinese Patent Application No. 201180020517.1 titled Intervertebral Implants and Graft Delivery Systems and Methods as an enforceable patent. This patent will be the first international patent, following the receipt of three U.S. patents covering Pinnacle Spine’s innovative InFill® fusion technology.  The company owns other non-U.S. applications, including applications in Australia,Canada and Europe.

Pinnacle Spine Group has pioneered the novel concept of placing bone graft material in situ (precisely in position) into an implanted device in order to maximize graft material volume and contact with vertebral endplates – a critical element for a successful spine fusion outcome.

Pinnacle Spine’s InFill® Fusion Systems include an array of innovative interbody fusion devices engineered for easier insertion, reduced subsidence through maximum contact with the apophyseal ring, a generous bone grafting area and compatibility with the InFill® graft delivery system. The backbone of the technology is predicated on controlled and precise in situ placement of bone graft material into and around the implanted device.

“This latest global patent is a testament to the value that Pinnacle Spine’s innovation brings to surgeons and patients, addressing a significant challenge in spinal fusion and allowing more options to perform more effective spinal fusion surgeries,” said Zach Sowell, President of Pinnacle Spine Group. “From a commercial standpoint, this patent meaningfully underscores our leadership in spinal fusion. The industry’s increased adoption of the very technology we designed, developed and patented is a testament to that.”

For more information on Pinnacle Spine Group’s unparalleled innovation, please visit PinnacleSpineGroup.com.

About Pinnacle Spine Group, LLC

Based in Dallas, Texas, Pinnacle Spine Group, LLC is a privately held medical device company that develops and markets innovative technologies to improve the safety and efficiency of many spinal fusion procedures.  The Company’s family of FDA-approved InFill® Fusion systems provides for superior results through the endplate to endplate contact of graft material achieved by post-filling the disc space implants after they have been delivered into targeted intervertebral spaces.


Mr. Zach Sowell, President
Pinnacle Spine Group, LLC

SOURCE Pinnacle Spine Group

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