Novastep Enters into Agreement with Vivex Biomedical to Launch bioSTART® Platform

Orangeburg, NY, May 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Novastep, Inc., and its affiliates (“Novastep” or the “Company”), a global medical technologies company specializing in foot and ankle implants, biologics, instrument systems and medical education programs, today announced its entry into an agreement with Vivex Biomedical, Inc., a privately held company focused on cellular therapies that treat orthopaedic, spine, wound and soft tissue indications.

With this new relationship, Novastep gains access to Vivex’ catalog of allograft materials. In particular, Novastep’s new family of biologics products, marketed under the name bioSTART® Tissue Repair Process, will allow Novastep to immediately offer amniotic membranes and liquid to surgeons performing foot and ankle procedures in clinical and outpatient settings throughout the United States. The Company is likewise expanding its portfolio to add demineralized bone matrices, geometrically configured bone wedges and other biologics materials to its product offering.

“This agreement reflects Novastep’s commitment to offer surgeon users differentiated technologies that target bone, joint and soft tissue disorders of the foot and ankle for the benefit of their patients,” said Vadim Gurevich, President and CEO of Novastep, Inc. “We are extremely pleased to be working with Vivex, not only because our respective competencies complement each other so elegantly, but also because of the broad range of benefits our relationship will bring to the patient population as a whole,” added Gurevich.

“Associations with pioneering industry leaders like Novastep furthers our commitment to clinicians by helping donated tissue reach more patients,” said Tracy Anderson, President and CEO of Vivex Biomedical.  “We look forward to growing our relationship with Novastep.”

Novastep is broadening their scope of surgeon education, sales training and scientific discussion forum programs to help support this market entry.  In line with this added emphasis, Novastep’s annual Global Foot and Ankle Symposium (GFAS), being held on December 2 – 3 in New York City will feature an expanded biologics session.

For further information concerning this announcement and/or Novastep, Inc., send all inquiries to or call 877.287.0795.

About Novastep Inc.

Novastep Inc., ( is a global medical device company specializing in the design, development and commercialization of advanced technologies that treat conditions affecting the foot and ankle. The Company is focused to optimize clinical efficiencies, inventory management and healthcare economics by transforming the way foot and ankle products are deployed and utilized in the surgical environment.  Novastep has allied itself with a strategic network of key international opinion leaders to deliver breakthrough technologies, innovative services and compelling medical education programs to the foot and ankle community.

About Vivex Biomedical, Inc.

Vivex Biomedical, Inc., ( is a privately held company based out of Marietta, Georgia focused on cellular therapies that treat orthopaedic, spine, wound and soft tissue indications. Vivex Biomedical and its wholly owned subsidiary, UMTB Biomedical, Inc., own and hold exclusive rights to proprietary technologies in the field of biomedicine, stem cells, and orthopaedic implant surface modification. The Vivex Biomedical technology includes marrow isolated adult multilineage inducible (MIAMI) cell identification and processing, as well as, mimetic patterning technologies (MIME) which can improve the efficiency and efficacy of a patient’s healing cascade and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

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Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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