Telos Partners, LLC Poised to Leverage Unique Service Offering in the Life Sciences Community


Telos Partners, LLC formally announces the launch of its unique suite of services to the life sciences industry. The company was established by Joel Batts and Kurt Burgess to address the unmet need of connecting scientific, regulatory and publication output to corporate business objectives. With decades of life science experience ranging from start-ups to large-cap environments, Telos Partners simplifies the process of earning return on scientific and regulatory investment.

The company’s core offerings include scientific services, which leverage pre-clinical and clinical research planning and execution for substantiating new claims. Publication services are delivered with the conviction that peer-reviewed science is the currency by which clinician adoption, reimbursement and leading market position are earned. Regulatory services complete the suite by securing and maintaining access to key global markets. The firm leverages the relationship between these three core areas with an aim to create strong, stable business valuations.

“The value proposition of Telos Partners rests on our unique service combination, but also on our extensive knowledge of ‘life’ within the life sciences industry,” said Batts. “We’ve lived and led on the same side of the fence that we will now serve, by offering clients a meaningful experience through active listening, and on-time, on-budget solutions.”

Burgess added, “Telos Partners was formed on the belief in value beyond the project.  We are not only accountable for delivering strategy and execution with utmost care, but for delivering it in a way that creates enduring return on investment for our clients.”

On January 19th, 2017, both partners will join other industry leaders to deliver a presentation on the essential role peer-reviewed publications have on the value of life sciences organizations. The event will be hosted by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS titled: “Publish or Perish – Creating Value for Publications”. Registration is available at the following link:

About Telos Partners, LLC

Telos Partners is a group of seasoned scientific, regulatory and publication professionals who serve the life sciences industry. With decades of combined experience ranging from start-up to large-cap environments, we thrive under pressure and savor the excitement of completing mission-critical projects. For more information, please visit

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