Software for the ortho industry sucks

Hello! My name is Jeff Wertz and I recently began my new role as Director of Business Development at and OrthoEx. I will be a regular contributor to OrthoSpineNews.

As a former orthopedic rep, I understand the day-to-day complexities our industry presents. That includes sales, operations, and customer service, alike. After additional experience implementing and using software solutions in traditional business, I can’t believe how much disparity there still is, especially when healthcare accounts for roughly 1/5th of the nation’s economy.

Put lightly, the healthcare industry lags far behind non-medical related industries in harnessing the power and leverage of software and analytics. Many manufacturers still rely on field distributor and rep polls to determine how much to invest in new equipment. Even beyond big budget decisions like that, how many of you are still filling out and storing paper order forms after a procedure?

Shrinking margins for hospitals and manufacturers are forcing our industry to catch up to the rest of the world and begin capitalizing on the efficiencies and improvements that technology brings. No matter your role at a medical device organization, effective use of software can offer significant competitive advantages.

Smart organizations, new or old, need to harness software and analytics. This will help inform strategic decisions while also improving their own internal efficiencies. In our quickly evolving healthcare landscape, it can be the difference between success and failure.

Rather than being a cause of apprehension, selecting and using software should be exciting (especially if that software was built by people who know exactly what you need).That software should deliver value in some form to each user. Without that, adoption suffers. Which, in turn,  leads to bad information/analytics.

My goal for these posts is to present you with ideas, information, or methods for how you can be using technology. Hopefully, it will help you improve your business and be better prepared for the future.

If there are any topics or ideas you want to be reviewed, please feel free to add or request in the comment section below.


“If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late.”

– Seth Godin, Author and former dot com business executive.



The days of only courting your surgeons and hospitals is passing away along with paper-only records and whiteboard logistics.

To learn more about and how to leverage it for growth and scalability, visit and request a demo.

Jeff Wertz

Former device rep that grew sick of antiquated systems and process' that made doing my job more difficult. Currently on the offensive to offer better solutions to healthcare suppliers & hospitals.

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