Geisinger Announces It Will Stand Behind Cost of Hip Surgery for a Lifetime

March 08, 2018

DANVILLE, Pa. & CASTEL SAN PIETRO, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Once again, Geisinger is pioneering a ground-breaking new model for care in which the innovative health system has announced it will expand its ProvenCare Total Hip program even further by standing behind the costs associated with orthopaedic surgeries for a lifetime.

Geisinger collaborated with Medacta International, a global leader in orthopaedic medical devices, on a first-of-its-kind pilot program to provide a Geisinger Health Plan member who was receiving hip-replacement surgery an unlimited time frame for future surgical care and cost that may be needed. These costs will be proportionally shared between Geisinger and Medacta, including the device itself and all hospital costs, while the patient remains with Geisinger Health Plan and is treated by Geisinger providers.

“Surgeon education and mentorship is a core pillar of Medacta’s mission, with hundreds of surgeons from around the world receiving training each year through our renowned M.O.R.E. Institute and AMIS Education Program,” said Francesco Siccardi, Executive Vice President of Medacta International. “This value-based care partnership with Geisinger, our first, further underscores Medacta’s commitment to improving the patient experience while redefining the orthopaedic ‘product’ to encompass not only the implant, but also accompanying surgical technique, education and instrumentation. We are proud to go beyond implant replacement and share in the risk and overall cost of patient care, which we believe to be an unprecedented step for an orthopaedic manufacturer.”

The first patient enrolled in the pilot – an active, 53-year-old woman – underwent successful total hip replacement surgery on Monday, February 26, 2018, with plans underway to expand the program. This is the first time ever that a patient will be afforded the full range of care – both hospital care and device replacement – for future revisions at no charge when all services are delivered to Geisinger Health Plan members by Geisinger providers.

Under the country’s current reimbursement system, hospitals are often paid more when something goes wrong during surgery. Geisinger has long served as the national model for reversing this trend and a champion of delivering high quality care at lower costs to the more than 3 million patients seeking treatment every year.

“Rather than follow the prevalent fee-for-service model, Geisinger rewards value,” said Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA chair of the Geisinger Musculoskeletal Institute and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. “When it comes to the hip replacement pilot program, what we’re saying to our patients is that the level of service we’ll provide will be so exemplary that if there’s a problem tomorrow or 20, 30, or 40 years from now, we’ll take care of it. Geisinger continues to drive the national dialogue on value-based orthopaedic surgery through this groundbreaking expansion of our ProvenCare model.”

In 2006, Geisinger transformed the health care industry by introducing its renowned ProvenCare program. This multifaceted program includes the reengineering of care using evidence-based “bundles” and adoption of a fixed per-case rate that covers preadmission, inpatient, and follow up care, including any and all complications 90 days post–procedure.

In 2014, Geisinger launched ProvenCare Hip Fracture, Total Hip, Total Knee and Lumbar Spine in yet another chapter of the health system’s transformative care.

“Since introducing the ProvenCare orthopaedic protocols, we’ve witnessed a decrease in readmissions and a reduction in length-of-stay figures when it comes to total hip replacements,” said Dr. Suk. “By affixing evidenced-based protocols to all hip and knee surgeries, we are able to ensure the same high-quality care is delivered to every patient, every time. In 2018, we’re expanding our ProvenCare commitment even further.”

About Medacta International

Medacta® International is a world leading manufacturer of orthopaedic implants, neurosurgical systems, and instrumentation. Medacta’s revolutionary approach and responsible innovation have resulted in standard of care breakthroughs in hip replacement with the AMIS® system and total knee replacement with MyKnee® patient matched technology. Over the last 10 years, Medacta has grown dramatically by taking a different approach and placing value on all aspects of the care experience from design to training to sustainability. Medacta is headquartered in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland, and operates in over 30 countries. To learn more about Medacta International, please visit or follow @Medacta on Twitter.

About Geisinger

Geisinger is an integrated health services organization widely recognized for its early adoptions of the electronic health record and the development of innovative care delivery models such as ProvenHealth Navigator®, ProvenCare® and ProvenExperience®. As one of the nation’s largest health service organizations, Geisinger serves more than 3 million residents throughout 45 counties in central, south-central and northeast Pennsylvania, and in southern New Jersey at AtlantiCare, a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient. In 2017, the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital became the newest members of Geisinger. The physician-led system is comprised of approximately 30,000 employees, including nearly 1,600 employed physicians, 13 hospital campuses, two research centers, and a 583,000-member health plan, all of which leverage an estimated $12.7 billion positive impact on the Pennsylvania and New Jersey economies. Geisinger has repeatedly garnered national accolades for integration, quality and service. In addition to fulfilling its patient care mission, Geisinger has a long-standing commitment to medical education, research and community service. For more information, visit, or connect with us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.


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