OrthoPediatrics Corp. Announces U.S. Launch of QuickPack™

WARSAW, Ind., Dec. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OrthoPediatrics Corp. (“OrthoPediatrics”) (NASDAQ: KIDS), a company focused exclusively on advancing the field of pediatric orthopedics, is pleased to announce the U.S. launch of QuickPack™, a fully synthetic bone graft substitute featuring a high viscosity, calcium phosphate cement that closely mimics the mineral phase of natural bone.

With mechanical properties close to those of cancellous bone, QuickPack produces a calcium-deficient apatite that has similar composition and structure to natural bone mineral. The product is supplied in a user-friendly, self-contained, closed loop double-syringe delivery system, eliminating the need for open air mixing in a bowl and messy/inadequate transfer of material for injection. Responding directly to a medical need and to surgeons’ request, this unique solution complements the surgeon’s tools box when performing bone reconstructive and trauma surgery by temporarily filling the defect and allowing new bone to form during the healing process.

Through a new partnership with Graftys®, an innovation-driven, research-based medical technology company committed to the development and manufacturing of synthetic bone biomaterials, OrthoPediatrics will offer QuickPack, through a private label agreement within the U.S.

Joe Hauser, OrthoPediatrics’ Vice President of Trauma & Deformity Correction, commented, “With the domestic launch of QuickPack, we further our mission to surround our surgeon customers with all modalities to treat their patients. The addition of this innovative bone void filler cement to our product offering is another demonstration of our ability to acquire and enhance proven technologies. We look forward to expanding our hospital and customer base through this new partnership.”

About OrthoPediatrics Corp.
Founded in 2006, OrthoPediatrics is an orthopedic company focused exclusively on advancing the field of pediatric orthopedics. As such it has developed the most comprehensive product offering to the pediatric orthopedic market to improve the lives of children with orthopedic conditions. OrthoPediatrics currently markets 33 surgical systems that serve three of the largest categories within the pediatric orthopedic market. This offering spans trauma and deformity, scoliosis, and sports medicine/other procedures. OrthoPediatrics’ global sales organization is focused exclusively on pediatric orthopedics and distributes its products in the United States and 43 countries outside the United States.

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Chris J. Stewart

Chris currently serves as President and CEO of Surgio Health. Chris has close to 20 years of healthcare management experience, with an infinity to improve healthcare delivery through the development and implementation of innovative solutions that result in improved efficiencies, reduction of unnecessary financial & clinical variation, and help achieve better patient outcomes. Previously, Chris was assistant vice president and business unit leader for HPG/HCA. He has presented at numerous healthcare forums on topics that include disruptive innovation, physician engagement, shifting reimbursement models, cost per clinical episode and the future of supply chain delivery.

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One Comment

  1. Could orthospine news please ask Chris Stewart & Orthopediatrics to elucidate whether their HIGH viscosity cement refers to the amount of pressure needed to move the cement. It is to my understanding that higher pressure has the downside of COMPLICATIONS. The cannula has to be bigger or the pressure higher; causing propagation of the crack & potential for the cement to leach out to the posterior elements.
    Also if Chris Stewart & Orthopediatrics could share their thoughts and experience about cement injection: the thermo-necrosis (exothermic reaction) & temperature— from my understanding it is so hot it would burn someone’s hand if you hold it; put another way, a patient would jump off a table in pain it’s so hot.
    I would be interested to know the indication of this bone void filler cement product by Orthopediatrics . I am a little confused if it has a double indication?? synthetic bone void filler and possible another indication for “cement”- Or is it just one in the same? I don’t have any sales experience with “cement” and very limited sales experience with bone void fillers, as well— I appreciate your help, thank you!
    Also, I never realized cement was “temporary” before this article— thank you for letting us know. Nor did I realize there would be any viable bone healing cells that survived the thernic reaction of cement injection in the area the cement is injected. That is, the cells that are needed to help facilitate bone healing (while the “cement” gets reabsorbed)—- thank you for that clarification. I’ve never sold any VA product(s) before and would be very interested to learn more about why and how this Orthopediatrics product improves the lives of pediatric patients.
    Thank you very much for the time and consideration of my enquiry.

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