AMDT Holdings, Inc. initiates the launch of the SixFix™ Circular Fixation System

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AMDT Holdings, Inc. develops disruptive products to address existing and emerging needs in the extremity market. The clinical use of the SixFix™ Circular Fixation System began in January, 2020. Initial surgeries were conducted in Tennessee and Ohio with successful surgeries in the treatment of foot and ankle deformities.

SixFix™ Circular Fixation System

The SixFix™ Circular Fixation System is a platform that can address extremity applications in trauma, foot and ankle, and deformity correction for both adults and pediatrics. The SixFix™ System introduces a unique design in which one compact pre-assembled unit of six (6) struts are ready for sterilization and use right out of the box. The strut assembly unfolds to easily connect the rings and eliminates difficult strut exchanges by providing a full range of lengths with a single strut design.  

An advanced component of the SixFix™ System is the optional, patented software enabling deformity analysis and correction. A surgeon with two (2) patient radiographs utilizes the unique capabilities of the software to create a prescription that will achieve a corrected deformity and a healed fracture. The SixFix™ software recognizes the six (6) radiopaque fiducial markers that are an integral feature of the SixFix™ fixator with which the software can create an accurate 3D image of the fixator and the deformity. The unique capabilities of the software reduce surgeon input to known values such as ring size and strut length. The software is also able to correct for non-orthogonal radiographs, perspective distortion and variations in radiograph focal point – all of which introduce errors into the common radiograph.

The SixFix™ System will be featured in the Technology Theater (#1769) during the 2020 AAOS Annual Meeting in Orlando on Thursday, March 26th at 9:45 AM. Michael Mullaney, Vice President of Product Development for AMDT Holdings, will present an overview of the disruptive technology within the SixFix™ System software and hardware.

Stephen J. Frania, DPM, FACFAS, a surgeon in Mentor, Ohio, who specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery including lower limb deformity correction, says, “Each strut in the pre-assembled SixFix™ strut assembly is able to extend from 100mm to 300mm. Because I did not have to be concerned about switching out struts intra-operatively as I have with other designs, the application of the frame was fast and easy. At the end of the surgery, I was able to maintain the slim profile of the strut assembly by removing those strut add-ons not required to achieve the final correction.”

Bhekumuzi M. Khumalo, DPM, a foot and ankle surgeon in Union City, TN commented that the SixFix™ Circular Fixation System enabled him to “quickly and easily manipulate the frame to address the deformity by releasing then locking the struts by sliding a locking ring on each strut. This ease of use is important for me since I cannot rely on residents or fellows to lend intra-operative assistance.”

Headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee, AMDT Holdings, Inc. commercialized the AMDT Mini‑Rail Fixator as well in early 2017, an advanced modular unilateral external fixator that provides versatile fixation for simple or complex trauma, deformity correction and lengthening procedures. To learn more about AMDT, please visit www.AMDTHoldings.com.  

For more information contact:

Tom Twardzik
Vice President – Marketing and Operations
Office: 901-853-4366
Email: INFO@AMDTHoldings.com

SixFix is a trademark of AMDT Holdings, Inc.

SOURCE AMDT Holdings, Inc.

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