Gilead updates remdesivir supply status after emergency FDA approval

May 6, 2020 / By Chris Ciaccia | Fox News

As the coronavirus pandemic continues into its sixth month with no cure, the maker of the recently approved drug remdesivir said it is working with companies to expand its manufacturing “through at least 2022.”

In an open letter obtained by Fox News, Gilead Sciences said it is working with “leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies” to make sure remdesivir is available in Europe, Asia and the developing world.

“Gilead is in discussions with some of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies about their ability, under voluntary licenses, to produce remdesivir for Europe, Asia and the developing world through at least 2022,” the company wrote. “The company is also negotiating long-term voluntary licenses with several generic drugmakers in India and Pakistan to produce remdesivir for developing countries.”


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Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a medical device sales leader with extensive clinical experience in spine and biologics and a nationwide distribution network built over the last 10+ years in the industry. He has held various leadership positions in healthcare and device including Distributor Partner, Hospital COO and Spine VP of Sales. He currently leads the commercialization strategy for OrthoSpine Partners and is a Distributor Principal at Novel Medical. Because of his unique career path, Mike has the ability to see the healthcare business from multiple perspectives making him passionate about building strategic partnerships that help reduce overall costs, drive innovation, and cultivate growth for new markets.

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