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Royal Biologics Announces the Launch of Fibri-Cell™, Live Cellular Cortical Fibers With Osteo-Spin™ Technology

HACKENSACK, N.J., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Royal Biologics, an Autologous and Live Cellular solutions-focused company, announced today the launch of FIBRI-CELL™ with Osteo-Spin™ technology. FIBRI-CELL™ with Osteo-Spin™ offers a new and novel approach for the enhancement of traditional bone graft substitutes for orthopedic fusion procedures.

FIBRI-CELL™ utilizes Royal’s Osteo-Spin™ technology to deliver activated platelets, bone marrow aspirate and cortical fibers in an “ultra-hydrated” blend, creating a point of care live cellular bone graft option. 

Combining each patient’s autologous cells in a rapid point of care centrifugation preparation delivery system gives FIBRI-CELL™ a cutting-edge, first-of-its-kind ability to create the ultimate live cellular graft during each surgical procedure. Each FIBRI-CELL™ kit combines cortical fibers with the accessories needed to “ultra-hydrate” a graft sample in a centrifugation cycle that creates the ultimate live cellular option, optimizing maximum cellular content and handling ability.

FIBRI-CELL™ with Osteo-Spin™ technology utilizes its proprietary re-agents to activate each patients’ platelets, initiating the platelet degranulation process. Once platelets are degranulated, bioactive proteins and growth factors increase. FIBRI-CELL™ combines the patients’ activated platelets, fibrin-gel, bone marrow aspirate concentrate and cortical fibers to create the ultimate live cellular graft. Each sample is then “ultra-hydrated “with Osteo-Spin™ technology to wick and allow cells the ability for accelerated adherence to the bone scaffold. The entire process is point of care with the patients’ live cells. FIBRI-CELL™ with Osteo-Spin™  technology presents the ability for hospital systems to provide a true live cellular option for patients at a fraction of the cost.

“We are advancing biologics in orthopedics with the release of FIBRI-CELL™ and our Osteo-Spin™ technology,” said Salvatore Leo, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Biologics. “We now have the ability to harness the power of each patient’s cells by combining activated autologous blood platelets and bone marrow aspirate growth factors in a next-generation scaffold. Osteo-Spin™ technology presents the unique ability to capture a patient’s cells, optimizing all unique growth factors, for superior wicking and handling characteristics. Traditional hydration of allograft and autograft is now enhanced by accelerating the adherence of cells to each scaffold.”

Dr. Frank Liporace, Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics at St. Barnabas Healthcare system has adopted FIBRI-CELL™ with Osteo-Spin™ technology into his practice for the treatment of fusions. 

“Osteo-Spin™” Technology has some very potentially exciting advantages when treating patients. It allows for a balanced distribution of autologous bone marrow cells and/or the patient’s activated PRP throughout graft expanders to achieve maximal contact and penetration to promote healing,” said Liporace.

Dr. Frank Liporace is currently the principal lead investigator in a prospective study on lower extremity fusions utilizing FIBRI-CELL™ with Osteo-Spin™ technology. 

FIBRI-CELL™ is a complement to the Royal Biologics FIBRINET™ system, which creates a platelet-rich fibrin membrane (PRFM) from a patient’s autologous blood. The membrane discs can be utilized for fusion-based procedures in orthopedics.

FIBRI-CELL™ with Osteo-Spin™ Technology is now available for commercial use in the United States. For Distribution inquiries, please contact

About Royal Biologics

Royal Biologics is an ortho-biologics and life science company specializing in the research and advancement of novel ortho-biologics solutions. Their core focus is delivering Autologous and Live Cellular solutions for orthopedic, soft tissue and wound care procedures.  

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