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Biorez Preclinical Results to be Presented at the ORS 2021 Annual Meeting

Multiple studies demonstrate the company’s BioBrace™ scaffold is a novel implant technology to reinforce surgical repairs and augment soft tissue healing


Biorez Inc., a New Haven start-up advancing tendon and ligament repair, announced that the results of two recently concluded preclinical studies of its BioBrace™ Technology will be presented virtually at the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) 2021 Annual Meeting to be held February 12-16, 2021.

Two studies were accepted for presentation after careful review by the ORS screening committee:

  • William Walsh, PhD., will present ‘Tissue-Engineered Augmentation Of A Rotator Cuff Tendon Using A Novel Bio-inductive Biocomposite Scaffold: A Preliminary Study In Sheep’ during the Tendon and Ligament – Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology session on February 15th.
  • Andrew Carter, PhD., will present ‘The Characterization Of A Novel Bio-inductive Biocomposite Scaffold For Tendon And Ligament Healing’ during the Biomaterials-Scaffolds session on February 13th.

“The BioBrace scaffold is an exciting and new soft tissue implant technology that exceeded my expectations in our preclinical evaluations in both rotator cuff and patellar tendon defect models. The novel biocomposite architecture features a highly-porous collagen matrix, capable of rapid biologic integration, embedded with polymeric resorbable fibers that provide durability and mechanical reinforcement. The device handled well surgically, and its durability enabled a variety of surgical techniques. I was encouraged to see the rapid biologic incorporation into the scaffold, and the formation of a thicker tendon which was assessed by MRI and histology. Biomechnical testing demonstrated a rotator cuff repair with a BioBrace implant was as strong as native rotator cuff tendon within 12-weeks,” commented Professor William Walsh, the director of the Surgical & Orthopaedic Research Laboratories at the University of New South Wales, and study’s lead author.

Kevin Rocco, Biorez founder and CEO, stated “Prior clinical research has established that the rapid induction of new host tissue creates a significant benefit in augmenting healing and maintaining the long-term integrity of rotator cuff repairs. This research demonstrated the BioBrace scaffold is capable of rapidly inducing new host tissue to augment soft tissue healing in different anatomies. We are excited and honored to participate in the Orthopedic Research Society’s annual meeting, and it marks the second and third time in three months that our preclinical work has been featured during prestigious annual meetings.”

Additional preclinical studies are ongoing to support regulatory and commercial initiatives throughout 2021. The BioBrace implant is in the development stage and has not been approved for use by any regulatory agency, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

About Biorez Inc.

Biorez is a New Haven-based medical device start-up focused on advancing the healing of soft tissues using its proprietary BioBrace™ technology. The company has pioneered the BioBrace™ implant, a breakthrough biocomposite scaffold featuring a highly-porous collagen matrix that is reinforced with bioresorbable microfilaments. The BioBrace implant is intended to reinforce and regenerate soft tissue repairs in several clinical applications. Biorez’s products are in the development stage and have not been approved for use by any regulatory agency, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. More information is available at


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Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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